Plastic Media

Our plastic media is naturally less abrasive, and is suited to gently finish the surface of delicate components and non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium and Brass. This durable, fast-processing, low volume media can be integrated with all types of mass finishing applications and machinery, to guarantee a faster cycle-time.

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Looking for an alternative cost-effective process media to Rösler and Walther Trowal?
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Our media in brief

Rösler RKM  PDA Plastic Media

Our PDA Plastic Media is:

  • Ideal for light de-burring and de-flashing
  • Low wear rate
  • Best suited to finishing aluminium and zinc alloys
 Walther Trowal CX  PDA Plastic Media
Rösler RKH/4  PFB Plastic Media Our PFB Plastic Media is:

  • Typically used for medium grinding
  • Ideal for Producing a smooth, flat surface
  • Ideal for pre-anodising and plating
 Walther Trowal V2030 PFB Plastic Media
Rösler RKB/W PHB Plastic Media

Our PHB Plastic Media is:

  • Typically used for medium grinding and de-burring
  • Ideal for producing a low reflective surface finish
Walther Trowal XS PHB Plastic Media
Rösler RKS PLA Plastic Media

Our PLA Plastic Media is:

  • Fast cutting
  • Low wear rate
  • Suitable for use on most metals
Walther Trowal ET PLA Plastic Media
Rösler RKX PPB Plastic Media

Our PPB Plastic Media is:

  • Strong grinding / de-burring media
  • Best suited to hard metals, rubbers and plastics
Walther Trowal HSC PPB Plastic Media

Of course, if you buy any other type of process media, or you are looking for guidance on which is best suited to your finishing process - please get in touch with us using the form below and our team would be happy to assist. 

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