Vibratory Finishing Compounds

Our range of vibratory finishing compounds, including; powders, liquids and pastes are a popular choice for surface finishing owing to their durability and ability to deliver cost-efficiency. The line includes, the capability to recycle compounds when paired with our WCF, for additional savings and production efficiency.

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Looking for an alternative cost-effective process media to Rösler and Walther Trowal?
We can help. Replace your finishing compound and powder using the guide below:

Liquid Finishing Compounds

Current compound

Replace with

Our compound in brief

Rösler FC 120  L2-02 Liquid Finishing Compound

Our L2-02 Liquid Finishing Compound is:

  • For cleaning and medium de-greasng
  • For added corrosion protection
  • Suitable for use with most metals
Walther Trowal S70 L2-02 Liquid Finishing Compound
Rösler FC 230 L2-06 Liquid Finishing Compound

Our L2-06 Liquid Finishing Compound is:

  • Ideal for brightening and polishing most metals
Walther Trowal ARF L2-06 Liquid Finishing Compound
Rösler FC 321 L3-25 Liquid Finishing Compound

Our L3-26 Liquid Finishing Compound is:

  • For de-greasing and cleaning most metals
Walther Trowal KFL L3-25 Liquid Finishing Compound
Rösler FC 430 L4-27 Liquid Finishing Compound

Our L4-27 Liquid Finishing Compound is::

  • For acidic burnishing for brass and aluminium
Walther Trowal GB13 L4-27 Liquid Finishing Compound
Rösler FC 110 L3-26 Liquid Finishing Compound

Our L3-26 Liquid Finishing Compound is:

  • For light de-greasing of most metals
  • For corrosion protection
Walther Trowal T77 L3-26 Liquid Finishing Compound

Powder Finishing Compounds

Current powder

Replace with

Our powder in brief 

Rösler R35 L5-30 Finishing powder

Our L5-30 Finishing Powder is:

  • Ideal for cleaning and de-greasing most metals
Walther Trowal K5 L5-30 Finishing powder

Of course, if you buy any other type of vibratory finishing compound, or you are looking for guidance on which compound is best suited to your finishing process - please get in touch with us using the form below and our team would be happy to assist. 

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