PSS Portable Separation Screen

The Wheelabrator Vibro SmartLine PSS Portable Vibratory Separation Screen is designed as a plug and play model for a specific Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine or between various models. 

The image to the right shows the PSS coupled with the RDF Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine. However other machine examples this device can be used on include:

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PSS Portable Separation Screen Device


In Stock


Vibratory Finishing


Light/ Medium

Key Benefits

Flexible solution for separating components and media

Fabricated from high grade painted Steel


  • Fabricated from high grade painted steel
  • Vibratory motor is fitted directly underneath the screening deck, ensuring maximum energy transfer onto the separation screens
  • Frame is fitted with castors for variable movement and complete portability
  • Two channel divert to enable the separated components and media to be collected (collecting vessel not supplied). Process media is manually returned to the machine
  • Two large surface area screens for effective separation
  • Baffle plate to control the flow of components and media to prevent carry over of media and components
  • Mounted on a substantial frame for ergonomic operator use and to enable easy separation of components during the separation cycle


Separating components and process media for equipment that does not have built-in separation capabilities.


 Electrical On/Off Switch  
 Integration with Process Control Panel  Optional
 Two Separation Screens (Grid Size and Design on Demand)  
 Adjustable Baffle Plate  
 Integrated Framework  
 Customised Fixed and Portable Separation Screens  Available upon request

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