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FIBA Technologies in Millbury, MA Improves Overall Efficiency With Wheelabrator Skew Roll Machine


FIBA Technologies is recognized as an industry leader in chemical and gas containment and distribution equipment. Part of the process at their Millbury, MA location involves cleaning new and reconditioned large gas cylinders. FIBA uses a Wheelabrator Skew Roll Machine to assist with this process. Since the machine’s installation just over a year ago, everyone involved within the Millbury plant has noticed a tremendous improvement in efficiency.

Company Profile

FIBA Technologies, Inc. is a leading global provider of gas containment equipment and services for the industrial gas, chemicals, specialty gas, offshore oil and gas exploration, and alternative fuel industries around the globe. Founded in 1958, FIBA is continually focused on its goal of providing safe, technologically advanced and superior products to its customers in a timely manner.

Challenges, Solution and Results


When FIBA first approached Wheelabrator Group about manufacturing the Skew Roll machine, they had a similar, old non-Wheelabrator machine that was ready to be replaced.

The new Wheelabrator machine, with 2 EZEFIT Wheels, was designed with a few distinct changes in place to facilitate smoother machine operation and maintenance.

The Skew Roll machine, which cleans gas tubes anywhere from 7’ to 40’ long and weighing up to 9000lbs, must clean at least 12 pieces a day.

In the past, the heaviest cylinders put a lot of stress on the conveyor, often jamming the machine and forcing operators to manually crank pieces through.


In order to eliminate this arduous task, Wheelabrator Group designed the conveyor with each skew roll on its own chain drive.

Now even the heaviest tubes stay in line and roll through the machine smoothly, allowing FIBA to reach its desired production rates.

Bruce Chaput, the plant manager in Millbury, has noticed a more consistent blast profile with the Wheelabrator machine.

This is especially important with tubes that are being painted, as it ensures the correct surface profile for the adhesion of paint, Mr. Chaput goes on to say “We are thrilled with the machine. Overall it is just much more efficient, in terms of energy, time and safety.”  


The Wheelabrator machine has resulted in less downtime, less handling and less risk of injury.

FIBA’s service staff is also extremely pleased with the Wheelabrator machine because it is so user-friendly.

The cast wear plates included in the design are standing up well to blasting and are lasting longer.  

When wear plates and wheel parts do need to be replaced, maintenance is reduced.

The machine is designed with tight end seals which help keep shot within the machine.

This significantly reduces the slip and fall safety hazard caused by shot on the floor and saves wasted abrasive that is swept up and thrown away. Better reclaim and sorting of the blast media has also resulted in the reduction of wasted shot.

A Wheelabrator dust collector also operates alongside the Skew Roll machine. The dust collector has improved in plant air quality.

As a whole, the Wheelabrator Skew Roll and dust collector allows FIBA employees to do their jobs efficiently and safely.