Prove and improve with a free Wheelabrator Vibro trial


Wheelabrator Vibro has launched a free new 'Prove and Improve' service to help companies test, optimise and verify their media recipe in line with the specific requirements of their application.

Available to companies either running or considering a Vibratory Mass Finishing process, Wheelabrator Vibro’s free process trials can be scheduled in less than 10 days and can be completed with a super-fast five day turnaround. 

Vibratory Mass Finishing can dramatically reduce finishing costs, and enhance the functionality and appearance of a wide range of components. When harnessed to its full potential with evidence-based, laboratory-testing, the finish can be improved, cycle time reduced and costs slashed. 

Swapping complexity for clarity

Due to the prevalence of over-complicated media recipes, shapes and grades, plus a historic tendency to adopt a wet technique, many companies do not realise that they could improve results and save money by updating their process. 

Colin Spellacy, Technical Director at Wheelabrator Vibro said: “While a current media recipe may provide an acceptable finish, testing not only delivers extremely valuable information, it enables us to create and validate a new recipe that is designed and optimised for the specific application in a truly made to measure process. 

“When we conduct our free trials, we aim at a minimum to help companies achieve the same finish in a shorter process time at a reduced cost, which of course increases capacity, through-put, productivity and profitability. But in many cases a different media recipe is also likely to deliver an improved surface finish for a lower price.”

Wet vs Dry mass finishing processes

In recent years, significant strides have been made in the area of dry finishing media. For some applications this has replaced the conventional wet process.  Colin continues: “Where the wet process was much more commonly recommended in the past, the best advice really now depends on the specific application and the parts. Running a free trial can help companies determine whether wet or dry vibratory mass finishing is the better option. 

“In instances where the switch can be made from wet to dry, significant savings can be realised as liquid compound and water are not required. This also means there is no need for a water treatment process, plus additional savings come from packaging, transport, and disposal.” 

Process trial benefits:

Customers and potential partners opting to run a test can expect to:

  • Increase productivity and quality of surface finish
  • Reduce process times
  • Improve surface finish
  • Reduce waste water treatment costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve costs, media per kg and running costs
  • Reduce media consumption
  • Bespoke advice from Norican Group breadth

Being part of Norican Group means that Wheelabrator Vibro is completely process-agnostic and will always recommend the very best process for the individual customer. And if that turns out to be an airblast or wheelblast process, customers are referred to Wheelabrator.

Beyond free trials and high-quality media solutions, Wheelabrator Vibro offers a complete vibratory finishing solution spanning consumables, process optimisation and equipment. Seven individual equipment lines cater for a broad variety of finishing techniques, including vibratory and centrifugal, bowl and trough equipment, as well as wet and dry processes.

Simple process – guaranteed insight

To take Wheelabrator Vibro up on its offer of a free process trial, companies simply need to book a slot. This can begin with a facility visit from Wheelabrator Vibro technicians, or companies can simply send along a selection of finished and unfinished parts. Technicians then conduct their assessments in line with the specific application requirements. 

After Wheelabrator Vibro has conducted its tests, parts are reviewed with the customer for quality inspection and a detailed report that covers the whole testing process is shared. The report breaks down exactly what customers need to do to optimise their processes.

Colin concludes: “Due to the level of confidence we have in our ability to improve the process, output quality and operation cost efficiency – our trials are offered free of charge making it incredibly easy for customers to challenge their current set-up. 

“If nothing else, it’s good to have an up-to-date review of your process, but beyond that the refinements we recommend are highly likely to save time, save money and improve finish quality. So why not put Wheelabrator Vibro to the test?”

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