Turn your data into value

A new platform for your data

Machines and devices are being connected to provide a wealth of data, in the spirit of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The challenge is how to collate, analyze and interpret the data in order to bring benefits to the smooth running of the operation. The Monitizer platform provides the perfect solution. As well as enabling efficient data collection and management, it creates the basis for doing more with your data; to identify issues, intervene, learn and constantly improve. In short, it helps you turn data into value.

Improve production, quality, and resource control

Monitizer provides a flexible, scalable and central platform to access your data, unlocking new possibilities and insight from historical and real-time data. 
By collecting and collating data into one system, deeper analysis, as well as fast and effective trouble-shooting, becomes possible. Ultimately, this enables foundries to increase uptime, reduce scrap, minimise downtime, optimise production and improve casting quality.

Extensible, compatible, easy to use

Monitizer is accessed via an easy-to-use web-based interface. Important process overviews become instantly visible and the operator can easily access detailed drill-downs into specific issues. It makes it easy to collect, correlate, analyse, monitor and exchange data.

Normalising unstructured data from various sources and turning it into structured data means better overall accessibility, but it also creates the foundation for seeing more in - and doing more with - your data.

Monitizer - turn your data into value

Monitizer provides a flexible, scalable and central platform to access your data, unlocking new possibilities and insight from historical real-time data.

The importance of synchronisation

A key prerequisite for making data meaningful, comparable and relatable is to have consistent timestamps across all data streams. Only then are you able to analyse for cause and effect across streams from different parts of the plant. 
To achieve this, Monitizer uses a single central clock to which all parts of the system are connected. The result: reliable, synchronised data that gives you a true picture of when events coincided, preceded or followed one another. Cause and effect become clear. 
It allows quick access and search of historical data to compare against your real-time data. 
Most importantly, it creates the foundation for advanced data processing and analytics, helping you develop algorithms, find new connections, hidden insights and new ways of doing things smarter. 

Ready for what comes next

With Monitizer you move from unstructured to reliably timestamped, structured data. This unlocks new Industry 4.0 possibilities and ultimately will help you harness the power of IIoT to optimize productivity, quality and the resources critical to your business.

Monitizer - Connections that put you in control

Monitizer is a digital web-based cloud platform that let you monitor your production data in real-time from anywhere at any time. Connecting multiple machines or sites enables you to centralize monitoring of the data. The result is stable, consistent and perfect operation, without any human intervention.


Monitizer I Global

It’s just the beginning

With the Monitizer | Global we offer a solution that allows you to access your data wherever and whenever needed. 

Monitizer | GLOBAL provides you with a powerful, easy to use tool which unlocks the power of IIoT by enabling you to collect and compare complete operation data between different equipment and/or sites.

You can monitor KPIs over time, receive notifications when under or overrunning set limits, or intervene before unplanned stoppages and defects occur.

Investing in digital technology

At Wheelabrator, powered by Norican Digital, we are committed to supporting your digital journey, and maximizing the value of your data every step of the way to keep you competitive and profitable. 

At the heart of our digital developments is a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry. Knowledge that comes from decades of innovation and industry insight. 

Monitizer builds on this foundation, allowing you and your operation to take a big leap forward right now. And with more innovation on the way, we will keep empowering you to turn your data into value well into the future. 

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