Mesh Belt Rotating Table Blast Machine (MBRT)


The customer needed a blast machine that

  • was flexible enough to treat many different parts
  • could blast parts evenly over all surfaces
  • could handle non-tumbleproof parts
  • was very compact in size


The Mesh Belt Rotating Table Blast Machine

This is a genious alternative to the standard mesh belt machine as loading and unloading are done in the same place by one worker. The difficult job to seal the blast zone against escaping abrasive is done by "travelling curtains". The new compact table shot blast machine, using a rotating mesh belt for workpiece transport to efficiently blast parts from all sides.

An alternative to standard mesh belt designs, the new machine uses a rotating, ring-shaped mesh belt in a table machine set-up, to allow loading and unloading from the same position, by a single operator. The new layout means continuous, efficient blasting of smaller parts is possible on a very small footprint, with straightforward logistics and pitless set-up.  The ring-shaped mesh belt is made of durable spring steel wire that is exposed to the hot spots of four direct-drive blast wheels from both above and below. This ensures blast coverage from all sides in a single cycle, at variable pass-through speeds of up to 4.5m/min. 

Lars Südfels, whose team developed the new concept at Wheelabrator’s Technology Centre in Metelen, Germany, said: “With this new concept we were able to pack a lot of machine into a very compact and light design. The one-operator approach makes it very attractive for customers who want to blast continuously, but ‘off-line’ (i.e. separately and away from the main production line) to keep things flexible.” 

“The challenge for us was to ensure abrasive is contained within the machine as parts pass through, so we’ve added special, replaceable rubber curtain systems at both inlet and outlet sluice. They keep abrasive in the system and the shopfloor clean.”

In addition to the curtain systems, a set of nozzles is fitted inside the blast chamber to blow abrasive and dust off the processed workpiece surface before unloading. 

The new concept started out as a special machine designed for a Swedish manufacturer of intricate zinc and aluminium cast parts for a range of applications. Due to it’s versatility and compact design, it is now becoming part of Wheelabrator’s standard equipment range and can be delivered and installed very quickly, as well as be moved easily should production layouts change.

In brief:

MBRT 2500-14.3-4/7.5
Blast wheels 4 x TITAN 14.3
Wheel power 4 x 7.5kW
Max. workpiece weight 20kg
Max. total load weight 500kg
Max. workpiece size 400mm x 400mm x 300mm (W/L/H)
Footprint 3.2m x 2.8m (no foundations needed)
Loading/Table height: 850mm
Machine height: 5.150mm

What This Means For You:

  • Versatile, compact, highly efficient machine
  • Pitless installation
  • Small footprint

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Mesh Belt Rotary Table Machine

Ideal for a continuous, efficient blasting of smaller parts on a very small footprint, with straightforward logistics and pitless set-up.

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