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Shot Blasting And Shot Peening For The Wind Energy Sector

For customers in the Wind Energy sector, Wheelabrator Group designs, manufactures and installs standard and customised shot blast systems, offering the latest technology for surface profiling, shot peening and preparation prior to coating.

Cast parts, components and steel plate/sections are cleaned to remove millscale and rust and metal parts are peened to increase strength and improve longevity. Wheelabrator has been working with the wind power sector for over 30 years, designing machines and analysing data to continually improve and enhance the technologies offered.

Wind Turbine Tower Painting and Drying

For the painting and drying process of wind turbine towers, Wheelabrator has specifically developed a wide angle nozzle air distribution technique which ensures good ventilation of the working area whilst creating a significant reduction of installed air movement, heating energy consumption and therefore operating costs.

Cast Parts and Components

Cast parts and components can be blast cleaned in a variety of ways, and some sections of the gear/hub that will be operating under cyclical stress may need to be peened to increase the resistance to fatigue.

Have a look at the peening product pages for more information, or simply contact us and we will help you to find the best solution for your specific need.

Composite Wind Turbine Blades

Our sister company, Matrasur Composites, has developed composite application technology for wind turbine blades. For more information visit the website at or email directly to