Wheelabrator in Switzerland

Design and sale of shot blast systems

The Technology Center with its current location in Bachenb├╝lach, near Zurich Airport, designs and sells shot blast systems for foundries and forges, for mechanical descaling and surface hardening (shot peening).

With ground-breaking developments the team are constantly setting new standards in the industry through the shot blast systems they manufacture such as through-feed, drum-type, manipulator-type, and belt-type systems, to create cost savings and additional benefits for the customers. So it is no surprise that practically all renowned manufacturers in the automotive industry or their sub-suppliers are on our customer list.

Heavy Duty

In heavy-duty foundries or steel making and processing industries there is a need for rugged solutions tailored to specific applications. Because of the abrasive effect inherent in the process, shot blast machines tend to destroy themselves eventually. Therefore, heavy-duty equipment is required.

Implementing these requirements begins at the planning stage with the simulation of the shot blast processes in the Wheelabrator test centre and laboratory in Zurich. The different test machines can simulate practically all shot blast processes in order to provide the information required to design the correct equipment for that specific application (abrasive, process definition, arrangement and movement of the components in the blasting stream, performance parameters).

Together with our know-how in plant manufacture, this will provide sustainable and durable solutions. Machines and plants operating with high reliability for decades are not the exception but the rule - these indeed are heavy-duty solutions.

Range of Products

Foundries, forges, other production and industrial sectors

  • Batch-Type
  • Overhead Monorail
  • Continuous Through-feed
  • Manipulator  

Mechanical descaling of semi-finished and finished products

  • Descaling of semi-finished and finished products (wire, bar, sections, billets, slabs), reconditioning
  • Descaling of narrow, medium and wide steel strips on integrated systems 

Systems for surface hardening (shot peening), special systems

  • Rotating through-feed shot blast systems (valve springs, suspension springs, leaf springs, others)
  • Table and satellite turntable shot blast systems (gear unit components, springs (stress peening), others)


Contact the Wheelabrator team in Zurich

Phone: +41 44 815 4000

Email: zurich@wheelabratorgroup.com