CFX 600
Peening Cell

CFX 600 Flexible Peening Cell for Gear Pinions


18 weeks +



Key Benefits

High production rates

Flexible - to treat many different components

Excellent reliability

Low operating costs


  • Maximum component size: to 120 mm diameter x 600 mm (length)
  • Complete control and regulation of peening/blasting parameters
  • Automatic set up depending on part size and process recipe: NC nozzle manipulator with vertical stroke and optional horizontal stroke
  • Component tooling system mounted on both sides of the revolving door allowing loading/ unloading while peening. Sealing of the door achieved by easily replaceable inflatable seals
  • 1, 2 or 3 component rotating spindle(s) per station with accurate compliant counter head allowing clamping or asking
  • Modular construction designed for quick maintenance and easily access
  • Long life lining in high quality cast iron
  • Integrated high performance dust collector with air flow recycling concept


High production machine for quality peening of gear shafts and pinions.

The CFX 600 is the preferred flexible cell solution of leading automotive manufacturers for quality peening of geared shafts and pinions with grinded surfaces to be protected and assembled ring gears.

Specifically built for shot peening gear shafts, this machine offers an excellent level of reliability and low operating costs. This installation is unique in that no set-up is needed for a wide range of components due to the automatic patented tooling, parts recognition and NC nozzle manipulator. The innovative design of the automatic component clamping device enables masking (protection) of areas not desired to be treated.

Optional Features

  • Loading/Unloading automation with pick and place system and pallet conveyor automatic cell with 3D vision device managing heat treatment trays