Barrel Blast Machine BBM

Barrel Blast Machine


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Deburring, Deflashing, Paint Stripping, Rust and Heat Scale Removal


Foundry/ Forge



Key Benefits

Removal of sand, scale, rust and other contaminants from forged, heat treat and cast parts

High cleaning capacity, short blasting times for small to medium size parts

A multi-purpose machine that can be used for numerous requirements from de-scaling to shot peening

The barrel machine is easy to load and unload by simply tipping the barrel down


  • Single piece barrel design that eliminates pinch points  
  • Fully welded construction with abrasive resistant steel in bottom and sloped walls where blast media flows
  • Access panels are provided in blast cabinet for ease of maintenance
  • Equipped with EZEFIT® blast wheels for faster cleaning cycles and superior durability
  • The barrel rotation and work door operated by hydraulic cylinder


  • Automotive
  • Iron, steel and metal foundries
  • Heat treat operations
  • Forging operations
  • Small stamping parts manufacturers

Outstanding Performance

The Barrel Machine line provides outstanding performance and reliability. Designed for foundry, forge and heat treat requirements. Wheelabrator units are equipped with EZEFIT® blast wheels for faster cleaning cycles and superior durability.

The Wheelabrator Barrel machine is the ideal solution to clean small to medium size parts that would normally become jammed in traditional Tumblast machine.

The Wheelabrator Barrel Machine is the ideal solution to clean parts that would normally become pinched or jammed in our traditional Tumblast machine, reducing chances of part damage. Barrel machines are designed for easy maintenance to provide shorter downtime.

Typical uses for system includes the removal of sand, scale, rust and other contaminants from forged, heat treat and cast parts.

Barrel Machine Models are available for load capacities of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 cu. ft.



Available options

  • HD wheels with full lining package
  • 1/2” Abrasive resistant screwflighting on lower reclaim screw
  • Lower reclaim shaker conveyor
  • Abrasive Resistant elevatorcasing with replaceable endwalls in boot section
  • Enhanced separators available
  • Foundry duty magneticseparator
  • Double lip airwash separator
  • Automatic abrasive adder
  • MagnaValves®
  • Rigid conduit

Barrel Blast Machine

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Technical Specifications

Model type BBM-10-1-40 BBM-15-1-50 BBM-20-1-60 BBM-25-1-75 BBM-30-2-40 BBM-35-2-50
Dimension of barrel
Width across octagon flats
Barrel depth
Maximum volume 10cu. ft. 15cu. ft. 20cu. ft. 25cu. ft. 30cu. ft.
35cu. ft.
Maximum weight
1,800lbs 2,700lbs 3,600lbs 4,500lbs 5,400lbs 6,300lbs
Blast wheel assembly (1) 40 HP (1) 50 HP (1) 60 HP (1) 75 HP (2) 40 HP (2) 50 HP
Abrasive airwash separator 40” SL CFS 40” SL CFS 40” SL CFS 60” SL CFS 60” SL CFS 60” SL CFS
Abrasive initial charge 3,500lbs 4,500lbs 6,000lbs 6,000lbs 7,000lbs. 9,000lbs
Required CFM class1 2,930 CFM 3,060 CFM 3,190 CFM 3,950 CFM 7,000lbs. 4,520 CFM
Required CFM class2 2,150 CFM 2,250 CFM 2,350 CFM 2,850 CFM 3,110 CFM 3,270 CFM