Spinner Monorail Machine

Spinner Monorail Machine


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Deburring, Deflashing, Preparation for Painting, Bonding and Plating, Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Shot Peening





Key Benefits

Heavy duty, compact and rugged for long service life

High blasting capacity and efficiency

Economical abrasive consumption, reliable cleaning and dust collection

A wide range of machine types for different production rates and workpieces


  • Easy integration into existing production lines with a variety of options for step-by-step extension and automation (modular design)
  • Long life due to use of highly wear resistant material
  • High operational safety, low maintenance and maintenance-friendly design (easy access to maintenance areas, external bearings, easily replaceable wear parts)
  • High sand separation capacity with combined magnetic and air-wash separation


  • Desanding, decoring and final blast cleaning of iron, steel and light metal castings, including parts susceptible to breakage and impact damage
  • Descaling of forgings, hardened or heat treated steel parts
  • Derusting, roughening, finishing
  • Shot peening

High Flexibility

Overhead spinner monorail machines from Wheelabrator Group offer total flexibility in your shot blast operations. Whether you are cleaning welded structures and fabrications, cleaning and deburring castings, or shot peening dynamically stressed components, the range of applications is almost endless.

Proven Solutions

The indexing travel in the blast chamber, generates a progressive blasting zone producing superior results on difficult and complex workpieces.

With well known reliability, longevity, progressive engineering, Wheelabrator overhead spinner monorail machines represent superior productivity and effectiveness. Overhead spinner monorail machines are available in single or continuous operation versions as well as in a range of capacities and types, and offer an unequalled cost to performance ratio.

Spinner Monorail Machine PTSM Animation

Watch the 3D animation here

Technical Specifications

PSTM-4860-3-30 PSTM-3672-3-30 PSTM-6072-4-40
Max. diameter of workpiece batch (inches/mm) 48” (1220) 36” (915) 60” (1524)
Max. height of workpiece (inches/mm) 60” (1524) 72” (1830) 72” (1830)
Max. weight of workpiece (lbs/kg) Monorail design dependent
Number of wheels x capacity (hp/kW) 3 x 30 (3 x 22) 3 x 30 (3 x 22) 4 x 40 (4 x 30)
Base of machine (inches/mm)
(not including rail conveying system) Depth x Width
150” x 229”
(3810 x 5817)
183” x 164”
(4650 x 4166)
158” x 272”
(4013 x 6910)
Installation without Foundation Pit:
Height of machine (inches/mm)
300” (7620) 288” (7315.2) 350” (8890)
Lower edge / upper edge of workpiece (inches/mm) 46” / 106”
(1168 / 2692)
48” / 120”
(1220 / 3048)
62 1/2” / 135 1/2”
(1588 / 3416)