SpinTrac Machine

SpinTrac Machine


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Cosmetic Finishing, Deburring, Deflashing, Paint Stripping, Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Shot Peening, Surface Texturing





Key Benefits

Optimized for descaling, deflashing and profiling.

Complex work pieces can be cleaned effectively and efficiently.

Faster cleaning cycles and superior durability

Designed for ease of maintenance


  • Blast cabinet features a fully welded construction with manganese steel cabinet
  • Manganese bar grating in bottom blast chamber
  • Automatic media reclaim system with airwash media separator for effective utilization of blast media


  • Automotive
  • Iron, steel and metal foundries
  • Heat treat operations
  • Forging operations
  • Small stamping parts manufacturers
  • Weldments requiring clean-up

Effectively Cleaned Complex Workpieces

The Wheelabrator® SpinTrac machine provides outstanding performance. Designed for foundry, forge and optimized for descaling, deflashing and profiling.

Outstanding Performance and Reliability

The combination of rotating and indexing in the blast chamber ensures that complex work pieces can be cleaned effectively. The configuration and placement of the EZEFIT® blast wheels in the SpinTrac machine provides faster cleaning cycles and superior durability.  Typical uses for system includes the removal of sand, scale, rust and other contaminants from forged, heat treat and cast parts.

Available options

  • HD wheels with full lining package
  • Powered work doors
  • 1/2” abrasive resistant screw flighting on lower reclaim screw
  • Lower reclaim shaker conveyor
  • Abrasive Resistant elevator casing with replaceable end walls in boot section
  • Enhanced separators available
  • Foundry duty magnetic separator
  • Double lip airwash separator
  • Automatic abrasive adder
  • MagnaValve®
  • Rigid conduit
  • NEMA 12 control panel
  • Zero speed switches

More Features

  • SpinTrac machine can be designed for in and out work on monorail or design for pass through arrangement
  • In-line liners to the blast wheels are replaceable Long-Lyfe®  cast liners
  • Indexing and spinning the work piece provides better blast coverage and therefore cycle times are reduced and the cost per part is reduced
  • The blast wheels are blasting on true center to provide better coverage and angle of impact as the parts are indexing and spinning





SpinTrack Machine

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Technical Specifications

SpinTrac 34 SpinTrac 45 SpinTrac 57 SpinTrac 68
Model type TMM-3648-2-30 TMM-4860-2-30 TMM-6084-3-20 TMM-7296-4-25
Max. diameter of workpiece batch (inches/mm) 36.00” (914) 48.00” (1219) 60.00” (1524) 72.00” (1830)
Max. height of workpiece batch (inches/mm) 48.00” (1219) 60.00” (1524) 84.00” (2134) 96.00” (2438)
Max. weight of workpiece (lbs/kg) 2,000lbs (900) 2,000lbs (900) 2,000lbs (900) 6,000lbs (2730)
Number of wheels x capacity (hp/kW) 2 x 30 HP (2 x 22) 2 x 30 HP (2 x 22) 3 x 25 HP (3 x 19) 4 x 30 HP (4 x 22)
Abrasive airwash separator 40” SL CFS 40” SL CFS 60” SL CFS 60” SL CFS
Abrasive initial charge 5,500lbs 5,500lbs 5,500lbs 8,000lbs
Required CFM 3,500 CFM 3,500 CFM 4,500 CFM 5,200 CF