Horizontal Belt Machines

Inclined Belt Conveyor (IBC) Machines

Process-safe, shock and impact-free blast cleaning of single, rotation-symmetric parts (brake discs and drums, rims, etc.) is easily achieved on the Wheelabrator Inclined Belt Conveyor (IBC) shot blast system. This machine ensures consistent and uniform exposure of the workpiece under the blast stream, and is ideal for high quality blasting of lighter parts that would be damaged in a tumblast system.

The IBC machine has enabled many automotive parts producers to benefit from quality improvements and cost savings by protecting sensitive metallic parts while increasing productivity.

Mesh Belt Machines

Mesh Belt Machines are widely used in forges, iron and steel foundries and aluminium foundries for parts that need to be cleaned, but are too large or too sensitive for the Tumblast process. These machines can be easily integrated into an automatic transport system and process large quantities of parts quickly. Wheels from above and below clean the parts as they pass through the machine, meaning the mesh belt itself is a wear part. Wheelabrator therefore only uses very high wear resistant belts made of manganese steel.



18 weeks +



IBC Inclined Belt Conveyor Machine

Process safe blast cleaning of rotation symmetric workpieces with smooth and shock-free transport in continuous rotation. This machine ensures consistent and uniform exposure of the workpiece under the blast stream, and is ideal for high quality blasting of lighter parts that would be damaged in a tumblast system.

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Mesh Belt Machine

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Mesh Belt Shot Blast Machines CMC and CMS

Wire Mesh Belt machines are used for desanding of flat, thin walls and fragile parts of iron and aluminium alloys what requires specific demands on the shot blasting machine as well as shot blasting process.

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