Satellite Turntable
Shot Blast Machine

Satellite Turntable Shot Blast Machine


18 weeks +




Rust and Heat Scale Removal





Key Benefits

Workpieces can be loaded/unloaded while others are simultaneously processed


  • Short indexing times/downtimes
  • High blast performance
  • Low process costs
  • Highest precision
  • Versatile transport technology
  • Highly efficient blast wheels
  • Diverse machine sizes and variants


  • Shot peening
  • Surface finishing
  • Burr and flash removal
  • Hard scale removal
  • Blast cleaning

Uniform Blast Results and Reproducible Blast Processes

The delivers highly precise satellite turntable shot blast machines from Wheelabrator have been specially developed for use in the automotive industry.
The machines normally work in 3-shift operation and are used to blast clean and/or shot peen parts, to improve the resistance to fatigue. It is often critical that precise, uniform and reproducible results are achieved.

The machines are available with vertically or horizontally arranged blast wheels and with both manual or automatic loading/unloading devices. The workpiece handling/masking can be performed by robots or other handling systems, to make the shot blast machine a completely automised production cell.
The main component of a satellite turntable shot blast machine is the switching mechanism which moves the workpiece in defined steps within the blast chamber. The optimal application for this kind of machine is the processing of rotation symmetric workpieces. But Wheelabrator also offers satellite turntable shot blast machines for the treatment of motor blocks and other, nonsymmetric workpieces.
A key advantage of this machine is that workpieces can be loaded/ unloaded while others are simultaneously processed.
Depending on the workpiece dimensions, the application and the blast process the turntables can be designed for a range between 3 and 36 satellites.

Typical Workpieces

  • Gear and coupling parts
  • Gear wheels
  • Shafts
  • Motor blocks

The Process

In general, the workpiece transport system of satellite turntable shot blast machines (SDT blast machines) consists of a precisely indexing turntable and several separately driven satellites. The turntable is divided in these three areas:

1) loading and unloading zone

2) inlet and outlet shot curtains, avoiding escape of shot, and

3) the blast area.

The symmetric workpieces are manually or automatically loaded and unloaded while others are simultaneously blasted. At the same time blasted workpieces are freed from dust and shot in the outlet area and leave the machine with the last indexing movement.

The rotating satellites in the blast area assure a uniform movement of the workpieces. The automatic indexing and the rotation of the workpieces provide short cycle times and optimal blast results. After expiry of the preset blast time the machine indexes one position forward. A new blast cycle starts.

The SDT blast machines are available with vertically or horizontally arranged blast wheels. The machine can be combined with robots for loading/unloading and workpiece or handling without any problems.



Special Features and Options

SDT Blast Machines with Horizontal Blast Wheels

This machine type is used for the processing of gear parts such as shafts and wheels. The 60° wide blast stream ensures that a great number of satellites with workpieces are covered within the blast area. The version with 24 satellites is very often used. Due to the large coverage area,short indexing times (without downtimes) and a uniform blast result are achieved at low cost.

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SDT Blast Machines with Vertical Blast Wheels

This machine variant performs blast cleaning and shot peening in one process. It is used for the preparation of tall workpieces, such as stacks of gear wheels or gear shafts, and for large-volume parts, such as car motor blocks. The vertical arrangement of the blast wheels assures a uniform blast result over the whole surface of the workpieces.

Sealing Systems

The sealing system of the SDT blast machines depends on the number of satellites. In case of 3 satellites sealing is provided by doors, with more than 3 satellites by shot curtains or Paternoster systems (Option).



Shot Curtains

The wear- and maintenance-free shot curtains ensure that no abrasive can escape from the blast chamber.

Option: Downholders

SDT blast machines can be equipped with mobile or stationary downholders. These downholders are pneumatically controlled clamping devices which stabilise and/or seal the workpieces. 

Each downholder is equipped with its own drive and is synchronised with the belt drive of the satellite. Electric axes ensure that workpieces, satellites and downholders are turned at the same, constant speed.

The downholder system allows both the complete blasting of shafts and the treatment of larger workpiece stacks as well as the protection of sensitive areas.

Typical Applications

Option: Height Adjustable Blast Wheels

This option is used in SDT blast machines with horizontally arranged blast wheels. The blast wheel oscillates during the blast process to increase the blast area by up to 250 mm. 

Height adjustable blast wheels offer the advantage that several stacked workpieces, such as gear wheels and also targeted areas  of a gear shaft can be blasted. Furthermore, this option provides very short indexing times (without downtimes), high production rates, a homogenous shot distribution over the whole height of the blast pattern and a uniform internal compressive stress pattern.

Other available options:

  • Control by camera detection
  • Marking and blow-off station
  • Carriage for workpiece holders
  • Visual presentation of the fault analysis
  • Roof blade to expand the blast area up to ca. 120 mm


Process Reliability for Blast Machines

The surface treatment of safety components, amongst others, demands strict compliance to exactly defined, reproducible parameters. To keep the optimal blast parameters constant allowing a maximal improvement of the workpiece properties and an exact monitoring and regulation of the blast processes, Wheelabrator has compiled a process reliability package (patented) which has been further developed in the frame of Industry 4.0.

This provides decisive advantages:

  • Minimisation of machine downtimes
  • Control of the shot projecting speed
  • Control of the blast pattern and automatic readjustment
  • Wear test of the blast wheel blades by vibration control
  • Regulation of the shot flow rate in kg/min
  • Satellite rotation control
  • Blast wheel speed regulation


SDT Blast Machines for Shot Peening Processes 

Shot peening, also called hardening or ball blasting, is a long-established procedure in metal processing. It prevents the generation and spread of cracks on and underneath the surface; these cracks are primarily caused by alternating stresses, vibrations, friction or corrosion.

Round steel shot impingement on the surface generates a reproducible internal compressive stress in the near-surface areas which improves the mechanical properties of the workpieces. 

Shot peened components withstand higher stresses, the service life of highly stressed components can be significantly increased and fatigue strength can be considerably improved.

TITAN blast wheel

The blast wheel is the heart of a blasting machine, as the choice of blast wheel determines the power output and the economics. This machine is fitted with TITAN as standard, which offers excellent blasting performance and unbeatable service life for the main blast components, which are made from hardened tool steel.

The TITAN offers even more wall strength through its wear lining, which creates an airtight and completely insulated housing as well as easing maintenance and repairs. There is a full range of variations and sizes available to ensure the chosen wheel is specific to the job in hand.

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Technical Specifications

Turntable diameter (mm) 1300/2000 1300/2000 1300/2000 1000/1300/1500/2000
Max. workpiece diameter (mm)
300 300 300 500
Max. blast height, blast wheel 15
65 250 - 800
Max. blast height, blast wheel 17
100 - 120 800
Number of satellites 24-36 24-36 24-36 3-18
Number of blast wheels 2 2 2 2
Power per blast wheel (kW) 11-22 11-22 11-22 11-22
blast wheels

horizontal and
oscillating blast
blast wheels
and roof blades
blast wheels


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