Rotary Mesh Table Machine RMB

Rotary Mesh Table Machine


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Preparation for Painting, Bonding and Plating, Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Surface Texturing





Key Benefits

The compact design allows for easy and quick installation with no costly pits


  • 3/8-inch thick, manganese steel blast chamber
  • Drop-in type polyurethane seals for abrasive containment
  • Reinforced, multi-ply elevator belt with cast malleable iron buckets
  • 20-inch single lip compensating flow, airwash separator
  • Floor mounted abrasive adder
  • Metered abrasive feed to the elevator
  • Four (4) 13 1/2-inch diameter
  • Wheelabrator blast wheel assemblies, direct-driven by 10 HP motors
  • Blades cast of premium alloy
  • Cast manganese steel housings
  • 20-inch wide manganese wire-mesh conveyor table
  • 48-inch pass line height
  • Variable speed table drive


  • Aluminum die castings
  • Forgings
  • Flame-cut shapes
  • Fabrications
  • Automotive parts

Rotary Mesh Table Machine

The Wheelabrator® rotary mesh table machine is ideal for cleaning smaller parts off-line using one operator. Parts are loaded onto a manganese wire mesh table or fixtures which rotate through the blast, exposing the parts to top and bottom mounted blast wheels. The compact design allows for easy and quick installation with no costly pits. Wheelabrator products include standard and customized systems to meet individual customer requirements.

Technical Specifications

460 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycle, standard, all voltages available
120 volt control circuit
Blast wheels (4) 10 HP., 3600 RPM
Elevator (1) 1.5 HP., 1800 RPM
Lower screw (1) 1.5 HP., 1800 RPM
Rotary table (1) 0.33 HP., 1800 RPM with variable speed drive
Pre-wired for connection to control panel
NEMA twelve (12) enclosures