HB Strip Descaling Machine

HB Strip Blast Cleaning System


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Rust and Heat Scale Removal


Light/ Medium



Key Benefits

Reliable and economical operation resulting in a high degree of surface cleanliness

Blast cleaning and surface qualities up to Sa 2 - Sa 2.5

High overall efficiency and reliability, low space requirements

Easy adaptation to strip width


  • Blast wheel arrangement and concept ensures maximum exploitation of blasting energy and intensity and prevents from blasting interferences
  • Efficient abrasive blow-off, maximum abrasive cleaning and recovery, efficient dust collection
  • High wear-resistant execution of parts subject to wear
  • Continuous further development ensures application of latest technology


  • High performance mechanical descaling of steel strip (stainless and silicon steel, low carbon, titanium) integrated in highly sophisticated continuous production lines
  • Type series ranging up to strip widths of 600 mm / 1650 mm / 2100 mm
  • Modular concept meeting production requirements

Quality is Evident in the Smallest Detail

Mechanical pre-descaling and final chemical surface treatment of hot-rolled stainless steel strip (Cr-Ni, titanium strip) and Si-alloy strip are almost exclusively carried out in integrated processing lines that combine annealing, cooling and mechanical descaling. Wheelabrator strip blast cleaning systems are renowned in this field and offer clear benefits.

Descaling of Narrow-, Medium-, and Wide Steel Strip

The equipment is equally suitable for continuous as well as for push-pull pickling lines.

During the different processing phases, Wheelabrator blast cleaning systems can be adjusted to fit specification. The adjustment will be made by regulating the abrasive throughput rate, by varying the abrasive throwing speed or the breadth of abrasive impingement. This guarantees maximum power utilisation, and the most efficient use of resources.

Specific surface finish requirements can be met by operating several machine modules in sequence. Cold-rolled steel strip can pass through the system without blast cleaning.

Machine design and mode of operation

The machines consist of self-contained and can be installed with or without foundation pit.

Structural features and sub-assemblies:

  • Blast cleaning cabin made of hard manganese steel: Four blast wheels for each module, two for the upper side and two for the underside of the strip. Rubberised rollers located at the entry and exit sides of the blast cleaning cabin serve to support the strip

  • Abrasive removal device: After each blast cleaning cabinet, a compressed air blower removes abrasive residue from the upper side of the strip and returns it to the abrasive circulation system for re-use 

  • Abrasive return and reconditioning system with pneumatic separator: A pneumatic separator cleans the circulating abrasive. Aligned to consumption, new  abrasive is supplied. As a result, the operating mix and blast power are constantly maintained

  • Dust extraction system: Blast cleaning and abrasive removal cabinet, circulatory system and separators are connected to the dust collection system
The strip roll-out can be straight or run diagonally upwards, depending on the arrangement of the module groups and the subsequent pickling operation.

Horizontal Medium- and Wide Strip Blast Cleaning

These systems are designed for transversal blast cleaning. Each module contains four blast wheels having a maximum throwing speed of 78 m/s. The individual modules run in sequence. In this configuration, the systems obtain a strip passage speed of up to 150 m/min. The blast wheel set up can be regulated to obtain full coverage of the strip width, by controlling the blast pattern and continuous maximum abrasive impingement. The staggered position of the blast wheels prevents blasting interference. Blast cleaning power remains constant regardless of the strip width. Only strip passage speed is adjusted based on the width of the strip.

Horizontal Narrow Strip Blast Cleaning Systems

This system is designed for longitudinal blast cleaning from 4 blast cleaning wheels at a maximum throwing speed of 78 m/sec. The blast wheels are inclined to the strip plane at an angle to prevent blasting interference. The optional abrasive throwing angle fully converts the installed power into descaling force. All blast cleaning wheels can quickly and automatically be adjusted to suit a new strip programme, assuring the best possible use of the blast stream.

Safe operation, simple maintenance

The design concept of the blast cleaning system transports the strip without damaging the surface. Thorough abrasive cleaning and complete dust extraction render the strips leaving the machine cleaned. Simple, but highly effective sealing elements prevent stray abrasive from interfering with the machine operation.

Large service doors and the special structure configuration permit easy access for inspection and maintenance work. All blast wheels are easily accessible for periodic check-ups and replacement of wear parts or sub-assemblies. Components with close tolerance allow fast removal and installation of spare parts.

Original spare and wear parts of Wheelabrator materials and workmanship are recommended to keep the blast cleaning system in perfect operating condition. The blast cleaning system can be run without operator attendance and only requires periodic inspection.

Savings in production cost

Integration in existing production lines is possible without major modification work. Optimum utilisation of the blast cleaning power covering the whole width of the strip helps to obtain a high degree of cleanliness after processing and can significantly reduce final pickling costs.


HB Strip Descaling Machine Animation

Watch the 3D animation here

Universal Wheel

The blast wheel is the heart of the blasting machine, as the choice of blast wheel determines the power output and the economics. 

This machine is fitted with Universal shot blast wheels as standard. The Wheels are highly flexible, compact and have rotation in both directions. They provide perfect blast cleaning results and highly convenient servicing features.

The U Blast Wheels are high capacity blast wheels with maximum energy efficiency. Their rugged design means that maintenance is easy, and the special and highly wear resistant cast alloy liners ensure minimum wear and maximum service life of the blast wheel.

Technical Specifications

Medium-/Wide strip machines



Strip widths (mm) 600-1600 1550-2100
Speed of passage (m/min*) 20 15
Number of blast wheels 4 4
Power per blast wheel (kW) 90 90
Abrasive throughput rate / wheel (kg/min) 1200 1200

* Exact speed referring to specific strip material, strip widths, type of scale, and surface finish will be indicated upon request.

Narrow strip machines


Strip widths (mm) 600
Number of blast wheels 4
Power per blast wheel (kW) 45
Abrasive throughput rate / wheel (kg/min) 550


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