New Product: Carousel Rotating Chamber Machine


The processes of descaling forgings and desanding castings cause a large amount of wear on parts, which leads to higher costs.


The Carousel Rotating Chamber Machine

The Wheelabrator R&D team in Switzerland completely rethought, simplified and standardised existing designs and components, in order to develop a machine with a much lower purchase price than related machine types, and to drastically reduce the number of wear parts.

Overall, the machine is simpler and cleaner, with a compact design that is highly flexible and can be easily adapted to individual customer requirements.
The new Carousel Rotating Chamber type machines are an evolution of existing, proven machine concepts for this particular application, which have been modified and improved in a number of ways, reducing both upfront machine and running costs.

The heart of the new machine concept is a cylindrical rotating chamber which is divided into a further three to four individual chambers: a combined chamber for loading and unloading, one or two blast chambers, and an abrasive and dust evacuation chamber. The latter ensures that dust stays firmly in the machine and its dust collector, rather than leaking out into the production environment.

The new machine’s workpiece holder marks a departure from the established spinner hanger system: cam or crankshafts of up to 700mm length are placed horizontally on rollers and are then moved through the machine under constant rotation.

What This Means For You

  • Reduced machine and running costs
  • Easily adapted to individual customer requirements
  • Part of the standard range of machines so quick to order and install



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18 weeks +



CRC Carousel Rotary Chamber Machines

CRC machines are used for process-safe desanding of cast parts or for descaling forged rotating parts. The automatic treatment of single workpieces is gentle and does not cause impact or shock damage.

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