New Product: Compact Blast Machine


Blast machines can take up a large amount of space in areas where space is limited, such as in an automotive production environment.

One particular customer wanted to decentralise their blast operations, and get the blast machine close to the casting unit, to cast, deburr, blast and ship in a confined area.


The new Compact Blast machine with a footprint of only two by two metres.

The new Compact Blast machine has a footprint of only two by two metres and can handle a wide range of typical parts (up to 600mm height and up to 600mm rotational diameter).

The compact, self contained design, ideally suited to automotive production environments, means the machine can be integrated neatly and flexibly into existing processes, close to within preceeding and succeeding work steps, thus saving time and storage space.

A whole raft of innovations, great and small, were necessary to make the machine both compact and efficient:

  • Abrasive removal: Blast media transport and screening are happening underneath the machine, where most of the blast media logistics take place at a maintenance-friendly height – thanks to a specially developed vibratory gutter with integrated airwash separator.
  • Workpiece movement: To reduce cycle times to less than two minutes, parts are not only rotated during blasting, but also oscillated. This guarantees a uniform treatment of the complex part geometries found in automotive.
  • Wheel speed: Wheel speeds are variable between 1500 and 3200 rpm, and up to 20 blast programmes can be saved and selected via a touch panel.
  • Island design: The new machine is designed for “island” operation and can be automated and adjusted to individual production environments. It can be delivered and installed very quickly and can be moved easily should production layouts change.

This solution is ideal for a whole range of applications, and so will now feature in our standard wheelblast range.

What This Means For You

  • Stand-alone, super compact design
  • Improved cycle times
  • Part of the Standard range of machines - so quick to order and install



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