Blast Wheel

The Shot Blast Wheel for the Heavy Duty Industry

Lower your cost per casting, Wheelabrator’s COMET HD blast wheel can help prevent you losing money on unnecessary maintenance and downtime.

COMET HD Addresses Our Customer's Key Concerns

  • Operational costs: Amount of abrasive used and frequency of changing wear parts
  • Machine and part durability: Maintenance and machine downtime
  • Performance: Processing time and productivity

The COMET HD wheel will solve current problems or provide additional benefits to your current process, such as:

• Save money
  - Reduce abrasive consumption
  - Increase lifetime of wear parts
  - Use less energy / decrease running costs

• Better performance
  - Increase uptime
  - Improve cleaning performance
  - Reduce and simplify maintenance



Heavy duty industries in which the COMET HD wheel will make a significant difference include:

• Foundry
• Forge
• Steel

The wheel can be easily retrofitted to all types of surface preparation equipment: Tumblast, Roller conveyors, Hanger type, Table and Horizontal belt machines.

The flexibility of the COMET HD wheel ensures that it is adaptable for all Wheelabrator and non Wheelabrator wheel blast equipment so you can have all the benefits of the latest technology at a lower cost.

As a direct drive wheel we have left and right hand models available to ensure it fits all applications and machine designs.


Features and Benefits

Save abrasive costs by having these features:

  • Integrated abrasive feed hose interface with feed spout
  • Maintenance free frictionless hub seal to reduce abrasive and 
    dust leaks
  • Integrated hub fan blocks abrasive from entering the motor 
    shaft area
  • Greater blast effect with less abrasive, reducing blast cycle time and eliminating re-blast conditions
  • Efficient and controlled abrasive flow through the impeller and cage to the blade to reduce abrasive grinding and breakdown rate

Reduces maintenance time

  • Direct drive provides reduced maintenance intervalsIncreased parts life and when required less (liner) parts to replace (5 parts only)
  • Precision Lok set at commissioning to ensure “tune up kit” refits are accurate and repeatable to keep wheel refit times to a minimum
  • Less wear, reduction in frequency of changing parts
  • Longer lasting impeller and control cage due to new design shape
  • Easy access to maintain and change parts, and no need for highly qualified engineer to manage – the new design prevents incorrect assembly
  • Easy fit up of replacement parts due to housing design

Improve uptime

  • Blast pattern density improvements
  • Guaranteed blast repeatability with the Precision Lok system
  • Bolted construction design to maintain accuracy of the 
    housing dimensions
  • Easy replacement of the housing end plates – extending the housing life
  • Quality assurance and traceability on individual parts
  • Reduced production bottlenecks due to extended machine uptime
  • Health and safety benefits
  • Less vibrations and resultant operating noise than belt driven wheels to meet stringent health and safety legislation

Turbine Animation

The Story behind COMET HD

Thanks to a new approach to R&D, a new way of thinking was required to improve what appeared to be a thoroughly understood piece of equipment. Our global R&D team challenged previous understanding, and took an evidence-based approach to create an overall better blast wheel for our customers.

The Story behind COMET HD