Tumblast Mill Saver

The Wheelabrator Mill Saver currently takes (6) 3/4-10 Grade 8 bolts per flight assembly reducing the cost of hardware while still being structurally similar to the current flight/link assemblies. This setup also removes any hardware from being directly exposed to shot-blast conditions.

Additional improvements over the standard flight/link include certain areas of the link are thickened to prevent breakage, and a more material-efficient link-to-bridge transition.


Features and benefits

  • Longer life parts – plow bolts protected from blast and improved link design with thicker cross-sections
  • Ease of maintenance – reduced fasteners to cut install time by 25%
  • Interchageable between existing flight and links in 28 & 34 cu. ft. Tumblasts
  • More robust design to prevent breakage or damage
  • Service and support by Wheelabrator Plus


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