Convex Blade

Specifically designed for better distribution of abrasive across the work surface

Cleaning is the result of transferred energy from the abrasive to the work piece. The correct size of abrasive is typically the smallest size capable of cleaning the work piece. This assures optimal coverage for the energy required.

Abrasive breakdown is a result of energy transfer. Increasing the velocity without decreasing shot size will result in increased cleaning energy and higher shot consumption. Unless the additional energy is required to clean, there is an implied loss of potential productivity improvement due to less than optimum coverage for the energy required.

A combination of high velocity and small abrasive size provides for the optimal combination of cleaning energy and coverage.

Previous wheel velocities did not produce the energy levels required to achieve the desired cleaning results with small abrasive sizes. Through wheel innovation, velocity in excess of 360 feet per second will drive the use of smaller abrasive size in achieving the optimal combination of cleaning energy and coverage.


The wide pattern of the Convex blade provides the following:

  • Better distribution of abrasive increases blast capacity and faster cleaning
  • Additional blade life
  • Additional cleaning on the edges of the work envelope
  • Better coverage can reduce re-clean or multi passes
  • The hot spot expansion reduces the concentrated pattern impacting the cabinet between parts

Technical Specifications

Effective applications

  • Pipe
  • Plate
  • Monorail
  • Spinner hanger
  • Roll conveyor
  • Swing table
  • Car room
  • Paint preparation
  • Tumblast
  • Rocker barrel
  • Wire mesh


The Convex blade provides an effect that results in spreading of the blast pattern that reduces the shot on shot interference from rebound back into the shot stream.

Contact Wheelabrator for an evaluation of your existing wheel blast application and to help you determine if the new Convex blade technology is right for your application.

Upon assessment, Wheelabrator professionals will follow-up with a detailed report providing the roadmap to achieve optimal cleaning results.