Major upgrade: Wheelabrator equipment for Algeria’s largest foundry


One of Algeria’s most important state-owned companies – and the country’s largest foundry – has invested in pioneering technology from Wheelabrator as part of a major foundry upgrade.


SNVI (Société National de Véhicules Industriels), based near Algiers, has commissioned two Wheelabrator HTC blast machines and two batch-type tumblast machines. The upgrade lays the foundations for SNVI’s ambitious growth plans, which aim to double casting capacity within five years.

The four machines replace existing blast equipment which was supplied and installed at the site by Wheelabrator in 1978.

The general management at SNVI explains: “We’ve been trusting Wheelabrator equipment for almost 40 years. Throughout this time, we’ve been consistently impressed with the reliability, durability, efficiency, performance and ease of use of their machines.”

“When we decided to go ahead with a major upgrade of our foundry operations, we immediately knew we would replace our old Wheelabrator equipment with new Wheelabrator equipment. And while our old machines have served us well, the leap in blast technology on the new equipment is significant. This has most certainly been an investment that will reach long into the future, with latest technology that will perform and last.”

Solution and Results

Each of the two hanger-type machines from Wheelabrator’s HTC range work in tandem with one of the two MB900S tumblast machines, with one machine duo desanding castings, the other descaling parts after heat treatment.

Both machine types offer great flexibility and, together, can cover a wide range of grey or nodular iron cast automotive parts at SNVI.

This includes complex larger castings, such as housings, as well as tumble-proof smaller parts and hubs or brake drums.

The HTC machines feature four 37kW U70x500 blast wheels each and are designed to process castings of up to 500kg in weight (1.8t maximum load per hook).

With blast cabinets fully manufactured in 10mm Manganese steel and additionally lined with replaceable 12mm Mn plates and heavy-load Mn gratings, the machines are stronger and sturdier than previous generations or similar equipment available in the market.

The tried and tested MB tumblast range combines effective and even batch blasting of tumble-proof parts with a compact design and clever workpiece logistics, allowing smooth integration of the machine into workflows and efficient loading and unloading with minimized idle times.

The MB900S machines chosen by SNVI are designed for batch sizes of up to 2.5t with individual parts of up to 150kg.

They are equipped with two 30kW blast wheels each and come with special wear-resistant Manganese slat conveyors for exceptional durability.

Antonio Isola, Vice President of Business Development and expert for heavy-duty applications at Wheelabrator, comments: “The length of our relationship with SNVI is a clear endorsement as to the quality of our products and our deep understanding of the needs of modern foundry operations. We’re delighted to play our part in their plans for growth.”

The four new machines for SNVI were ordered at the end of 2014 and delivered in Autumn 2015.

HTC: hanger-type and heavy-duty

Designed for heavy-duty applications, Wheelabrator’s HTC machines are targeted mainly at forges and foundries. They’re CE-certified and built to last in highly demanding heavy-duty environments.

With various blast wheel arrangements available and a flexible layout, the HTC range is ideally suited for a range of forge and foundry processes - including desanding, decoring and surface finishing of batches of iron, steel and light metal castings.

The unique blast wheel arrangement and rotation of the hanger within the blasting zone – on three different available positions – ensure that even complex parts are treated evenly and efficiently. All blast wheels have safety automatic flaps to prevent any accidental shot escape when opening the doors.

The SNVI machines in brief

Model  2x HTC-4-37/1521-430 
Envelope circle (work cylinder)
1500mm diameter, 2100mm height
8 hooks/hour
Cycle time 450 s
Output 10t/ hour
Blast wheels

4x Wheelabrator U70x500, 37kW, indirect drive

Model 2x MB900S
Max load (volume)
Max load (weight)
Max. single piece weight
Drum diameter
Drum length
Blast wheels
2x Wheelabrator TITAN, 30kW