Kharagpur Metal Reforming Industries (KMRIPL) add SATURN HD blast wheel to increase parts life more than 5 times


Kharagpur Metal Reforming Industries Pvt. Ltd. (KMRIPL) is considered an industry pioneer, operating in manufacturing, supply, and exporting a wide range of spare parts and components to companies such as Indian Railway Locomotives, automotive, general engineering, earth moving, and other special purpose sectors.

Company Profile

The company was founded by Mr. Swapan Kumar Ghosh, a Gold Medalist in Metallurgical Engineering with over 26 years of experience in the field of Foundry Technology. KMRIPL is equipped with a world-class production plant, quality control unit, packing and a delivery unit in a spacious warehouse.

Challenges, Solution and Results

DISA & Wheelabrator equipment at KMRIPL

DISA have been working with KMRIPL for many years and have provided them with:

  • Fume Extraction Systems
  • A pair of Jolt-squeeze moulding machines ARPA 1300
  • VP-14-238 shot blast machine


In 2011 the blast machine lost some of its efficiency and the quality of the finished castings was not as high as in previous years. An in-depth analysis of the problem was undertaken by the team with the following conclusions:

  • The SRD380 wheel was not able to perform to the finish required
  • Usage of cut-wire shots responsible for the poor finish
  • Heavy abrasive spillages
  • Frequent break-down
  • Increased maintenance cost
  • Up time of the machine reduced


The DISA and Wheelabrator team recommended a machine upgrade by replacing the current SRD380 wheels with the new SATURN HD wheel which Wheelabrator Plus had launched in 2011.

KMPIRL were very pleased with the results which reduced the cycle time by half and increased the quality of the blasting finishing to SA2 standard.


Benefits of the SATURN HD wheel Upgrade at KMPIRL:

  • Finish quality improved to meet SA2
  • Cycle time reduced to 03 minutes
  • Able to produce above 30 MT / day
  • Wear part life increased by 5 times
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity by nearly 50%
  • Uptime of machine increased

“We always believed in George Bernard Shaw’s thought “Others see things that are and ask “Why?” But we dream things that never were and ask,“Why not?”, and with this philosophy we always tried to put future technology in our existing business and preferred to have best quality equipment.

We are now working with DISA and Wheelabrator for more than 10 years and happy to see DISA bringing new technologies and equipment to improve their customers business.

We were facing problems with the DISA shot blast machine and our productivity was affected due to the spillage of abrasive and poor finishing. DISA & Wheelabrator service team visited us and proposed to revamp the machine with their latest SATURN HD wheel under their EMP programme.

The KMRIPL technical team and DISA team had many rounds of discussions and then we agreed for EMP programme. We also visited GIFA 2011 and IFEX 2012 to learn more about the DISA and Wheelabrator's new offering, the SATURN HD wheel.

Today, I am happy to see the changes in my shot blast machine and extremely happy with the EMP results. Now my machine’s wear part life has been increased to more than 5 times and also improved the finishing quality.” Mr. Swapan Kumar Ghosh, Managing Director, KMRIPL