Wheelabrator Group successfully completes 1,000 mile machinery move


One of the world’s largest technology groups has recently completed a machine move, believed to be one of the largest in its history, with the help of Wheelabrator Group’s after market service support division, Wheelabrator Plus.


Following the closure of a plant in Spain, the company approached Wheelabrator Group to assist with the relocation of a 45 tonne heavy duty double coil peening wheelblast machine to a plant in the UK - almost 1,000 miles away.

Ray Parsons, Service General Manager, Wheelabrator Plus says: “The company was already using two Wheelabrator Group shot blast machines at its UK plant and had always been impressed with the regular spares and service consultation we provided to them in the past. As a result there was no hesitation in asking Wheelabrator Group for assistance in the relocation, transportation and installation of this third machine, a double coil peening machine used to intensify the compressive strength of metal coil springs for automotive suspension.”


Although the machine was to be relocated into an existing factory layout, a number of modifications were required, adding to the complexity of the job. The height of the roof at the UK plant was modified to accommodate the craneage required for the move and engineers were also required to dig the foundations for a new pit for the machine to sit in.

The machine was still being used in Spain a week prior to the relocation, resulting in minimum downtime and disruption to work schedules. Five trucks in total were required during the move, which began with the collection of the main body of the machine from Spain on a 20m long truck and the entire machine arrived on site in UK ready for installation just 4 days later.

Machine relocations have become increasingly popular in recent years as companies begin to fully recognise both the cost and environmental benefits of re-using and refurbishing existing equipment.

Ray Parsons continues: “Over the years we’ve helped many companies capitalise on and extend the life of existing machinery through successful machine relocations and major refurbishments. Once the machine move has taken place a robust service regime is absolutely key to maintaining optimum operating efficiency, increased blast performance, achieving maximum output and a quality finish.


“The Wheelabrator Plus team works closely with its customers to develop a service plan tailored specifically to their needs. It also strives to offer customers a high level of consistency and stability by booking the same team of engineers, where possible, to each job and also to allocating skills, experience and knowledge accordingly. A healthy blast machine equals a happy customer!”

A comprehensive service programme forms just one part of the Wheelabrator Plus offering, which also includes an extensive range of equipment support services, including training, maintenance, consumables, polyurethane fixtures and masking, plus media supplies for blasting, vibratory finishing and washing equipment. Wheelabrator Plus also stocks and supplies a wide range of spare parts, including those for non-Wheelabrator equipment and offers complete machine upgrades and modernisation programmes to help customers achieve the efficiency of a new machine at a fraction of the cost.