Metelen gets seal of approval for safety at work.


The Wheelabrator site in Metelen, Germany, has been awarded an important and highly regarded certification for its safety processes and culture.

The team (pictured) received the official certificate on Tuesday, 2 May, in Metelen, following an 18-month programme of implementing advanced safety procedures and ensuring that “safety thinking” becomes second nature across the whole Wheelabrator team.

The certificate „Sicherheit mit System“ is awarded by occupational insurance association BGHM, who worked in partnership with an eight-strong Wheelabrator team, headed up by Christian Heemann (quality manager) and Hans Bonrath (occupational health and safety practitioner), accompanying the highly successful process.

During the brief hand-over ceremony, Thomas Ikemann and Thomas Ries from BGHM congratulated the team on its efforts. Thomas Ikemann said: “I’ve not seen many companies who tackle safety at work in such a structured manner.”

Markus Bremer, Managing Director at Wheelabrator, added: “The safety of our employees and customers has of course always been paramount. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more we can do, more we can learn. The certification was a highly instructive process and has given us confidence in our safety culture. Mr Ikemann and Mr Ries have been incredibly supportive throughout.”

The team receives the coveted health & safety certificate [Front row L-R: Thomas Ikemann, Markus Bremer, Christian Heemann, Thomas Ries; back row L-R: Georg Weßendorf, Helmut Bargon, Heinrich Dropmann, Andreas Harpers]