Sharing peening insight in Montréal


Engaging with the scientific community

We attend numerous events across the Americas during the year as we look to talk to existing and future customers and showcase our solutions to the wider industry. However, the International Conference on Shot Peening 2017, which takes place in Montreal on 18-21 September is a little different.

The event provides a forum for industrial scientists and academics studying shot peening as part of their work around beneficial residual stresses and their effects to address current and future engineering issues. 

The event will include talks on process modelling, experimental methods, advances in fatigue life enhancement and various industrial applications, covering both the fundamental and applied research perspectives. Processes that will be discussed include deep rolling laser peening, ultrasonic peening, peen forming, cavitation peening, flapper peening and needle peening. 

Wheelabrator has been invited to attend the event to share its perspective with attending academics, including researchers from Montréal’s McGill University. By engaging with this community, we will be able to exchange knowledge and expertise that will help drive the science of peening forwards, benefiting out customers in the process.

In practice: talking aerospace peening

The event also includes visits to some of the numerous aerospace companies based close to Montréal, including Rolls Royce, Pratt & Witney and Bombardier. 

This will provide delegates with an opportunity to discuss evolving shot peening technology with organizations that are at the cutting edge of peening applications.

Say hello

Back at the conference, we will also have a small booth in which attendees can discuss our latest innovations and shot peening solutions. Please make sure you say hello to the team.