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Upblast Pipe Machine

Upblast Pipe Machine EPM


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Preparation for Painting, Bonding and Plating, Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Surface Texturing





Key Benefits

Proper mill profile is achieved to give the best adherence of pipe coating

Fully automated pipe machines remove rust and scale prior to coating

Extensive range of pipe diameters conveyed through one wheel blast machine

Heavy duty construction built to last


  • Removable entry and exit vestibule seals modules for a range of pipe diameters
  • Blast zone is protected Wheelabrator replaceable Long-Lyfe® liners
  • Blast chamber features a fully welded construction of highly wear resistant steel
  • EZEFIT® blast wheels for high performance and reduced maintenance


  • Oil and Gas pipe 
  • Surface cleaning requirement
  • Line speed requirements

Fully Automated Upblast Pipe Machines

The Wheelabrator upblast pipe machine is a fully automated system designed to remove rust and scale from steel pipe. The pipe is conveyed through the blast machine on a specially designed external skew roll type material handling system.

Available Options

  • Cartridge & bag type dust collector
  • Blast wheel access doors
  • Automatic abrasive adder
  • Complete Long-Lyfe® cabinet lining
  • Additional seal modules
  • Installation by Wheelabrator
  • Technical Specifications

    Model type

    EPM-24, EPM-60, EPM-84, EPM-144

    Workpiece size 2” and up (based on machine selection)
    Cabinet Mild steel construction
    Vestibule seals Seal sets for each diameter pipe
    Lining Long-Lyfe®  cast premium alloy and manganese rolled steel
    Number of blast wheels 2
    hp ranges 50 through 125 each
    Dust collector Cartridge filter type