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CRC Carousel Rotary Chamber Machines

Carousel Rotary Chamber Blast Machines CRC


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Rust and Heat Scale Removal


Foundry/ Forge



Key Benefits

Process-safe descaling or desanding of single workpieces in medium output range

Fast and convenient installation (plug and play)

Easy to operate, simple and convenient to maintain

Production flexibility and high overall efficiency


  • Superior production quality, uniform workpiece treatment without shock or impact damage or blast shadows
  • Machines designed in 3 or 4 chamber execution facilitating simultaneous loading / unloading and blast cleaning
  • Compact design offers numerous possibilities for intelligent concepts and in-line integration


  • Descaling of forgings and desanding of castings (rotating parts)

Process Safe Blast Cleaning

Carousel rotary chamber blast machines are used for process-safe descaling of forged rotating parts (crankshafts, camshafts, etc.) or for desanding of cast parts. The automatic treatment of single workpieces is gentle and does not cause impact or shock damage.

Descaling and Desanding of Crankshafts and Camshafts

The new carousel multi chamber concept for surface cleaning and finishing is designed specifically for rotary parts and can flexibly fit your needs to incorporate: handling, plant size and flexibility, production output and quality, operating efficiency, and in-line integration requirements.

Conceptual Flexibility, Tailormade Solutions

Carousel rotary chamber blast machines have a combined loading and unloading area, one or two blast chambers and a combined shot and dust removal chamber. All are equipped with electric-driven supporting roller devices on which workpieces are placed and set in rotational motion while they pass through the individual operations. This concept facilitates convenient loading / unloading and assures thorough and uniform – process safe – blast cleaning of individual parts and maximum exploitation of blast energy.



The machine housing has an open loading / unloading area or a door (option for short cycle times) and all functions (loading / unloading, blasting, shot and dust removal) can take place simultaneously to optimise cycle times and increase output.

Continuous, fully automatic production sequences call for intelligent solutions at material delivery and transfer points or at interfaces between different machines. Industrial robots which are available to accomplish these tasks provide dependability and a high degree of process reliability.

The compact design of CRC machines offers wide conceptual flexibility and numerous possibilities to integrate the machines in complete manufacturing processes.

CRC Carousel Rotary Chamber Machine Animation

Watch the 3D animation here

Universal Blast Wheel

The blast wheel is the heart of the blasting machine, as the choice of blast wheel determines the power output and the economics. 

This machine is fitted with U70x380 (direct drive) shot blast wheels as standard. The Wheels are highly flexible, compact and have rotation in both directions. They provide perfect blast cleaning results and highly convenient servicing features for all heavy duty and foundry applications.

The U Blast Wheels are high capacity blast wheels with maximum energy efficiency. Their rugged design means that maintenance is easy, and the special and highly wear resistant cast alloy liners ensure minimum wear and maximum service life of the blast wheel.

Technical Specifications




Max. part weight (kg) 50 50
Number of chambers 3 4
Number of blast wheels 2 2 or 4
Power per blast wheel (kW) 30 2x37 or 4x22


Original OEM parts

We provide high quality, long lasting replacement parts. As the largest distributor of replacement parts in the industry we can deliver globally in the shortest timescales to prevent you having to have a large inventory stock on site or breaks in production.

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