DT-11-350 Continuous Blast Machine for Smaller Foundries

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Wheelabrator has launched a smaller, entry-level version of its established heavy-duty DT rocker barrel tumblast concept. 

The new DT-11-350 was designed specifically for the needs of smaller foundries, producing smaller castings in smaller runs – in response to demand from China, Eastern Europe, North America and India. 


Key Benefits

  • A fully automatic production flow from the moulding line to the finishing department
  • Clearly arranged production processes, improved production consistency
  • Short transport distances without intermediate stocking
  • Reduced operating costs, as the blast cleaning process can be integrated in an automatic production line


  • Low design
  • Pit less or pit design (according to requirements)
  • Optimised blast pattern
  • Polygonal drum shape
  • Highly efficient blast wheels
  • Replaceable screwed manganese drum lining

Typical applications

  • Desanding and decoring
  • Cleaning
  • Corrosion removal
  • Deburring and deflashing
  • Rust and heat scale removal

Parts: castings, forgings, handling mixed and single product runs, cleaning clusters.


Technical Specifications

Number of blast wheels 3
Power per blast wheel (kW) 45
Max. abrasive flow (kg/min) 630
Max. workpiece diagonal (mm) 400
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 30
Max. workpiece temperature (°C) 100
Throughput (t/h) 2-6


Our new DT follows the same philosophy our colleagues at DISA followed when developing their DISAMATIC C3: foundries that produce slightly lower volumes or smaller-series castings want advanced, efficient equipment for sophisticated production too, but this equipment needs to offer a return on investment at smaller production volumes. That means it has to be more affordable. To achieve this, we have taken the established DT concept and tailored it for this very specific market segment. It is lighter in construction and designed for smaller castings but comes in the same great Wheelabrator quality our customers expect from us.

Stanislav Venclik, Vice President Portfolio Development at Wheelabrator in Zurich

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