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Servicios de shotpeening

Wheelabrator Impact Finishers es el proveedor especializado en subcontratación de granallado para las industrias que requieren servicios de granallado automatizados, controlados y subcontratados

Wheelabrator Impact Finishers es un proveedor especialista en granallado de compresión ó shotpeening subcontratado para sectores que requieren dicho servicio subcontratado, controlado y automatizado. Entre estos sectores se incluyen, sin limitación, el sector aeroespacial, motores aéreos, arquitectura, deportes de motor, automóvil, submarino e ingeniería general.

La experiencia de la empresa incluye el moldeado o conformado mediante shotpeening, granallado de corrección, enderezamiento de granallado y todos los aspectos del granallado de compresión con mayor resistencia a largo plazo. También tiene experiencia en los campos de granallado de compresión estético automatizado y acabado con microesferas de vidrio.

Our expertise includes:

• shot peen forming

• correction saturation shot peening of fatigue enhancement

• automated aesthetic shot peen

• glass been finishing

• surface preparation

Also, our UK facility is equipped with the latest high specification robotic technology (see image), enabling highly accurate precision shot peening, exceptional process control, repeatability and digital computerized traceability.


About Wheelabrator Impact

• We ensure all industry approvals and accreditations are met without the need for investment on your behalf.

• We provide a cost-effective solution.

• Over 60 years global expertise in shot peening processes.

• Availability of options governing subcontract shot peening service levels including premium ‘while you wait’ (WuW) and next day Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) services.

• We offer advice and development partnerships whilst maintaining absolute confidentiality.

• Customers kept up-to-date with the latest industry advice and technology.

• In-depth technical knowledge of the complexities governing shot peening. 

• Rapid turnaround and expedited services also available.

• Highest level of quality control.

• An expert team, experienced in critical processes.

• Vast supply chain knowledge.


Shot peening subcontract services are offered globally but delivered in limited locations. Our two facilities are located in the UK and in France.


Wheelabrator Impact Finishers

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Wheelabrator Group SAS (Charleville)

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