Acerca de Impact Finishers

Servicios de shotpeening

Wheelabrator Impact Finishers is the specialist subcontract shot peening supplier to industries requiring expertly outsourced, controlled, automated shot peening services

Wheelabrator Impact Finishers es un proveedor especialista en granallado de compresión ó shotpeening subcontratado para sectores que requieren dicho servicio subcontratado, controlado y automatizado. Entre estos sectores se incluyen, sin limitación, el sector aeroespacial, motores aéreos, arquitectura, deportes de motor, automóvil, submarino e ingeniería general.

La experiencia de la empresa incluye el moldeado o conformado mediante shotpeening, granallado de corrección, enderezamiento de granallado y todos los aspectos del granallado de compresión con mayor resistencia a largo plazo. También tiene experiencia en los campos de granallado de compresión estético automatizado y acabado con microesferas de vidrio.

Why Subcontract Shot Peening?

Shot peening is a highly skilled process which often requires approvals and accreditations. By outsourcing and using the expertise of Wheelabrator Impact, this allows you to achieve your shot peening treatment requirements.
  • Having peace of mind that your components will be delivered on time, to budget and to the correct specifications without any project management from you
  • Ensuring all your industry approvals and accreditations are met without the need for investment on your behalf 
  • Minimising your capital investment
  • Requiring a smaller workforce
  • Having a smaller factory footprint
  • Saving time, resource and expense to achieve the high standards
  • Allowing the complete flexibility of your process demands for new components
  • Benefiting from our standard short turnaround times and, importantly, our very flexible and admired Aircraft On Ground (AOG) service
  • Having the convenience of the shot peening process being carried out at the Wheelabrator Impact premises 
  • Keeping abreast of the latest industry advice and technology


Wheelabrator Impact has two subcontract shot peening facilities in the UK and one in France.