LBS Mesh Belt Shot Blast Machine
for Light to Medium Applications

LBS 1000

Light and Flexible

The mesh belt concept allows the efficient blasting of parts from all sides within a relatively compact space and without tumbling. Designed at and delivered through the Wheelabrator Centre for Product Innovation in Metelen, Germany, the LBS 1000 models offer high flexibility and process reliability for light to medium applications from rust and heat scale removal through to surface finishing. They are particularly suited to the processing of aluminium parts.

This lighter type of LBS machine responds to changing production environments at our customers – with a greater focus on ergonomics and flexibility. The pitless design means faster, less complex installation, while the compact through-feed design saves space and can process a broad range of workpieces.

Heinrich Dropmann, Vice President at Wheelabrator in Metelen

Points forts

  • Conception compacte
  • Fiabilité élevée du processus
  • Roues de sablage Titan 14.3 très efficaces
  • Garniture de fût en manganèse remplaçable
  • Conception sans fosse
  • Schéma de soufflage optimisé
  • Chambre d'expansion intégrée


  • Décalaminage
  • Ébarbage et ebavurage
  • Nettoyage
  • Élimination de la corrosion

Pièces détachées: Pièces AI / pièces forgées, petites soudures et autres.

Mesh Belt Shot Blast Machine Animation

Watch the 3D Animation here

Technical Specifications LBS 1000

Workpiece width (mm)
max. 1000 max. 1000  LBS 1000 Mesh Belt Shot Blast Machine
Workpiece height (mm) max. 500 max. 500
Blast wheels 4 8
Power per blast wheel (kW) 11 (7.5) 11 (7.5)
 Abrasive flow (kg/min) max. 840 max. 1500

Gamme de machines à charges suspendues SPH

High Process Reliability with a Continuous Blast Process

Mesh belt machines efficiently blast flat and very complex parts in a pass-through process. To achieve excellent blast results the 4 or 8 blast wheels are arranged at horizontal and vertical axes, inclined to face the belt direction,to achieve complete coverage of workpieces. The width of the mesh belt can be adapted to smoothly and safely transport a wide variety of workpiece sizes, including small parts. The machine is particularly well-suited to the treatment of flat parts, and parts susceptible to shock/impact, but is not ideally suited to parts that will roll.

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