Customer Application Lab

Innovation and technical expertise to deliver the right solution for you and your application

Solutions for your production challenges

Wheelabrator is driven by the needs of our customers who require stronger, faster, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions. That is why our Customer Application Lab was created with you in mind.

Designed to problem-solve from start to finish in one location, our lab provides versatile and flexible production solutions that you can see, touch and apply to your equipment applications.

Our lab is a resource center for all your blast cleaning and shot peening needs. We evaluate your requirements to provide you with solutions for reducing production costs; and improving your product finish, process time, and media wear properties. 

Strengthened by innovative advancements and a team of application experts, the lab utilizes new technology to enhance your productivity. The lab assists in enhancing performance characteristics of a variety of blast wheels and applications. These technological gains are applied to both our new equipment solutions and equipment modernization programs. 

To lead the way with new developments and technology, Wheelabrator completes trial runs of equipment and examines all blast processes in our lab. This specialized center drives the research to ensure blast repeatability in realistic work settings and to deliver the highest quality in surface preparation results.

To validate engineered designs, rigorous demo tests are conducted in the lab to replicate wheel positions to ensure they effectively perform the way the customer wants or needs. This makes our lab a valuable resource for customers, giving them a practical means to evaluate surface preparation solutions.

Located at our North American hub in LaGrange, Georgia,  we have more than 10,000 sq. ft. of dedicated floor space with a fleet of standard style machines for testing and one specialized machine that can replicate numerous types of machine applications.

Visit the Wheelabrator Customer Application Lab today for your production solutions.

LaGrange, Géorgie, États-Unis

Customer Application Lab

Visit Our Lab for:

  • Equipment operation training
  • Detailed report findings with surface profiles
  • Evaluation of new equipment designs
  • Modernization of existing equipment for production efficiency
  • Identification of best abrasive and surface preparation solution
  • Validation testing to replicate blast wheel positions ensuring best coverage
  • Custom fixture design and development for ensuring best blast coverage
  • Hands on collaboration with technical and application experts

Customer Application Lab

Application Expertise

  • Barrel Machine
  • Carousel Machine
  • Mesh Belt Machine
  • Table Machine
  • Tumblast Machine
  • Spinner Hanger Machine

Lab features:

  • 10,000 square feet
  • 5,000 demo tests
  • 80 tons of media
  • Fleet of machines

Customer Application Lab

Equipment to simulate any application

The center also includes highly specialized equipment that offers flexibility and versatility - capable of simulating a host of other machine applications including:

  • Skew Roll Machine
  • Work Car (BogieTable Machine)
  • Pipe Machine
  • Swing Table Machine
  • Plate and Structural Machine
  • Monorail Machine
  • Air blast peening and cleaning

Let Wheelabrator take your project to the next level. Schedule a visit to work with our experienced technology team.