Low Profile Magnetic Separator

The Wheelabrator® low profile magnetic separator LPM, featuring a magnetic separation system incorporated into an air wash separator, is designed to magnetically separate steel shot from sand or ferrous from non- ferrous material via its magnetic rotating drum.

Unlike a standard air wash unit, this process ensures the consistent removal of sand from the steel shot even under extremely heavy sand loads. The addition of a magnetic separator to a your current blast system may increase the life of the blast equipment as sand is a primary cause of prematurely worn blast equipment

Features and benefits

  • Low Profile design eliminates the need for a secondary separator. Both drums are in on low profile unit. Idea for spacing and head room constraints
  • Sand/abrasive mix passes through the rotary screen where the mix is metered onto the magnetic drum
  • Abrasive passes under the magnetic separator drum, allowing sand and metallic fines flow to a trash container or transporter (by customer)
  • Clean abrasive (metallic) is reclaimed for reuse
  • Reduced blast cycle times
  • Internal primary and secondary separation systems ensure cleaner recycled abrasive
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs
  • Reduced abrasive consumption
  • Ventilation air requirements are reduced
  • Horsepower savings - reduces total system requirements
  • Can be fitted on all Wheelabrator and Competitors’ wheel blast equipment
  • Consistent operation unaffected by fluctuations in air volume
  • Increased life of replacement wear parts
  • Designed to handle heavier loads than air wash separators
  • Easy installation on new equipment and for equipment upgrades
  • Elimination of separator adjustments to compensate for variable sand loading
  • Service and support by Wheelabrator Plus