Rubber Mill Conversion for Tumblast

Extend the versatility of your current steel mill Tumblast® system by converting it to a rubber mill. Ideal for die castings and plastic parts, the rubber mill is the perfect fit for current Tumblast machine owners. The rubber mill conversion kit features a ribbed, heavy-duty, multi-ply, abrasive resistant, rubber belt that cushions the parts and minimizes damage during tumbling.

As there is no over-lapping flights and a minimal number of pinch points, part jamming is dramatically reduced.

Available for a variety of Wheelabrator® models and similar competitive systems, the rubber mill conversion kit can be installed with a minimum amount of downtime and convenience. Ideal for die casting, plastic materials, fragile metals.

 Features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty, multi-ply abrasion resistant rubber belt
  • Tumbling ribs on conveyor belt
  • No overlapping steel flights
  • No links and pins
  • Multiple support rolls
  • Banded front-winged pulley
  • External conveyor roll bearing take-up
  • Parts are cushioned for less tumbling damage
  • Improved part exposure to abrasive blast
  • Eliminates flight pinch points for parts
  • Fewer replacement wear parts required
  • Reduced part jamming under the barrel head
  • Eliminates abrasive build up under front roller
  • Easier tracking adjustments
  • Service and support by Wheelabrator Plus

 Available options

  • Belts available in a variety of drain hole sizes from 3/16-inch to 1/2- inch
  • Cross ridged belt for high-density loads
  • Split mill belts available

Technical specifications

  • 27-inch x 36-inch Tumblast (5 cu.ft. capacity)
  • 7 cu. ft. Super I Tumblast
  • 36-inch x 42-inch Tumblast (11.5 cu. ft. capacity)
  • 14 cu. ft. Super I Tumblast
  • 14 cu. ft. Super II Tumblast
  • 22 cu. ft. Super I Tumblast
  • 22 cu. ft. Super II Tumblast

Competitive rubber mill conversion assemblies available in a wide range of sizes