Tumblast Door Conversion

The Tumblast door conversion is ideal for Tumblast 22, 28 and 34 with heavy duty cleaning applications.

The Tumblast door conversion has been designed to help you reduce shot blast loss and improve overall machine performance. Utilizing the latest technology, Wheelabrator has created a heavy duty tumblast door designed for forge and foundry conditions, including heavy castings and large workloads.

The flexibility of the Tumblast door conversion ensures that it is adaptable to any Wheelabrator 22, 28 or 34 cu. ft. Tumblast machine.


Benefits and features


  • Improved EHS working environment and cost savings by reducing abrasive leakage during blast
  • Longer wear life - Door is fabricated from manganese steel
  • Single piece fabricated upper cup seal eliminating common breakage points
  • Heavy duty shed plate liner resist part impacts and abrasive wear
  • Fabricated manganese interior liners are less vunerable to breakage from part impact
  • Ease of serviceability - More robust lower roller and shaft are replaceable and adjustable from outside the door
  • Easy to upgrade regardless of your current door design - new & improved design is interchangeable between chain drive and hydraulic drive
  • Lower door lip is easily replaceable if damaged
  • HD Design for toughest applications