Wheelabrator HD Machine Upgrades


HD EZEFIT blast wheel

This fabricated housing, fully lined with XR
material gives this upgraded EZEFIT® superior
protection and longevity in the most aggressive
environments, outlasting all existing blast wheels
in foundry environments.

The HD housing is fully compatible with any
existing EZEFIT wheels.

 Options include:

  • Acme threaded bolts
  • Hinged lid
  • Hardened Impeller
  • Super E efficiency motors
  • Convex blades
  • Extended end-liners
  • Unit-bearing conversions
  • Focus blade

HD rotary screen & augers

  • AR flighting
  • Heavy duty screens
  • Thicker end-bands
  • The HD rotary screen gives its user the maximum life possible in sand/grit environments
  • Direct drive motor upgrades available 

Abrasive Curtain Regulator (ACR)
upgrade for separators

Optimize your sand separation by eliminating efficiency draining surges and shortages that plague batch style machines.
The Wheelabrator Abrasive Curtain Regulator meters abrasive evenly over the magnetic drum to
ensure proper sand removal and an even curtain over the airwash separator.
Ask a Wheelabrator representative how you can upgrade your blast machine for heavy duty standards and get more life out of your wear parts. 

HD Tumblast door

Single piece manganese door eliminates many internal door liners. Labyrinth door seal dramatically reduces abrasive leaking. Great for the shop who spends too much time patching holes in their existing door casing.

HD Tumblast top plate

Single piece 1” Manganese top plate give better clearance and reduces roof clutter.


HD elevator assembly

Stop abrasive leaks from worn casings.

Options include:

  • AR casing
  • AR or manganese shed plate
  • AR transfer chute
  • Labyrinth boot seal
  • Direct drive
  • Hi temp & extra capacity belts