Customer specific design Large scale blasting and painting

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Liebherr is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery. The company entrusted Wheelabrator with the installation of a blastroom and two paintrooms in the new factory in Rostock where they produce mobile cranes. The blastroom dimensions of 39 m length, 12 m width and 10 m height are ideal for the treatment of the big crane parts. Liebherr focuses on short maintenance times, ergonomic work and long lifetime of the components – whilst at the same time reducing energy costs.

Company Profile

Liebherr Container Cranes, Ltd. manufactures container cranes, container handling equipment, and accessories. The company was founded in 1958 and is based in Killarney, Ireland.


Safe protection against corrosion

As the mobile cranes are used in an aggressive environment and salty air of the port, they need special corrosion protection.

This is achieved by blasting the pieces with a cleanliness grade of Sa 3 or Sa 2 1/2 in combination with a coating process. In the blastroom a maximum of four blasters can work simultaneously, one of them from an automatic working platform.

This system can be upgraded with the addition of an automatic nozzle manipulator which can be fixed on a 3-axis working platform.


Painting and drying in one room

As the transport of the big workpieces is a rather complicated process, Wheelabrator designed the two paintrooms to allow the workpieces to be painted and dried in the same room by recirculating the air.

A special feature is the construction of the new intake air ceiling which is fitted with several inserts each with the dimensions 1 x 0.5 m. Each of the ceiling fitting segments are designed as frames with filters so that the single filter elements can quickly be exchanged when necessary.

In cooperation with Liebherr, a new carton filter system has been installed for the first time at the bottom of the side walls of the paintroom. This system has an exceptionally long lifetime of up to nine months, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance costs and reduced downtime.


Advantages of sustainable gratings

Special gratings play a major role in Liebherr’s blastroom: withstanding wheel loads of up to 7.5 tons and allowing a full floor abrasive recovery in combination with the flat conveyor floor Pulsomatik R.

The very flat floor construction reduces the foundation costs significantly, especially for off-shore areas with a low groundwater table.

However, there were only small foundation works in the two paintrooms due to the special filter system in the side wall.