Wheelabrator in the UK

Wheelabrator facilities and services in the UK

We have technical experts based throughout the UK to provide the full range of Wheelabrator equipment and services. Wheelabrator has facilities in Altrincham, Coventry, Ossett and Slough to support you.

Wheel / Air / Wet blast equipment  +44 161 928 6388  uk-info@wheelabratorgroup.co.uk 
Replacement parts
+44 161 928 6388
Subcontract Shot Peening
+44 175 321 5676

Wheelabrator in the UK offers

Shotblast Equipment

Wheelabrator equipment sales in the UK are managed by Mike Speak supported by a team located throughout the UK.

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Wheelabrator Services

The internal sales team is ready to support you with equipment services, replacement parts, equipment upgrades and technical queries. Tony Johnson heads the team, based in the Wheelabrator global headquarters in Altrincham, Cheshire. The Wheelabrator service team in the UK is comprised of nine people who are based conveniently throughout the UK to service your equipment.

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Shot Peening Subcontract Services

In the UK we offer subcontract shot peening services from our Slough and Coventry locations, managed by Tony Graummauro and the Wheelabrator Impact Finishers team. Find out more about Wheelabrator Impact Finishers and the subcontract services it supplies to a variety of different industries.

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