Vibratory Mass Finishing Process Consumables

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Ceramic Media

Ceramic Media can be used by you for various processes from heavy grinding to fine polishing.

Wheelabrator Vibro Ceramic Media is of a consistently reliable and high quality, and can be used in all kinds of vibratory mass finishing and centrifugal finishing machines and applications.
Ceramic chips are most commonly used for steel components, and applications can include deburring, scale removal, polishing, smoothing and surface homogenisation.

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Plastic Media

Ideal for when you want gentle surface finishing of non-ferrous materials, such as die castings.

The superb quality Wheelabrator Vibro Plastic Media can be used for all mass finishing applications, and in all types of vibratory finishing or centrifugal finishing machines. Applications include deburring, smoothing, superfinishing, pre-plating and pre-anodising. Plastic media is best suited to non-ferrous metals.

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Vibratory Finishing Compounds

We have a wide range of vibratory compounds available for you to order, including; liquids, powders and pastes. 

All compounds can be added manually or automatically using automated pumps or feeders. A line of recyclable compounds are also available to order when using a centrifuge wastewater system, this will deliver savings to you by allowing your liquid compounds to be re-used.

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