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Abrasive replenishers & recycling systems

Wheelabrator understands your surface preparation equipment and has the technical knowledge to ensure that your equipment establishes the exact abrasive operating mix and accurately maintains it by continually adding the correct amount of abrasive.

Adding an automated abrasive replenisher to your equipment protects your abrasive mix; the auto replenishers sense the abrasive level and automatically feed on demand which removes the chance of human error.

Abrasive recycling systems

It is important to assess your current recycling system when reviewing the level of contaminants present. The contaminant level may increase over time because of process or product changes and your current recycling system may not be effective enough to deal with the changes.

Wheelabrator offers 2 different recycling systems:

Standard pneumatic system

An airwash separator with sieves is installed on all new Wheelabrator shot blast equipment where required.

Pneumatic / full magnetic system 

This is the most thorough recycling system available. In addition to the technology used in the bypass system, the full magnetic process will clean all abrasive and sand before being air washed. This recycling equipment would be required for heavy duty foundry applications enabling handling of full core knock out of large sand amounts held in castings.