LBS Mesh Belt Machine for Aluminium


The customer needed a blast machine that

  • was flexible enough to treat many different parts
  • could blast light and medium aluminium parts
  • can blast continuously
  • was very compact in size
  • guarantees a faster and less complex installation


Wheelabrator has launched a new, lighter version of its trusted LBS mesh belt shot blast machine range. The mesh belt concept allows the efficient blasting of parts from all sides within a relatively compact space and without tumbling.

The new LBS models (LBS 1000) offer high flexibility and process reliability for light to medium applications from rust and heat scale removal through to surface finishing. They are particularly suited to the processing of aluminium parts.

The new machines, available with four or eight blast wheels, offer a pitless and compact design for faster installation, an optimised blast pattern and a more ergonomic loading height compared to other LBS machines. This means the new models can be fitted into tight layouts, can be moved more easily and enable flexible integration into existing processes with less need for additional handling equipment.

All Wheelabrator mesh belt shot blast machines efficiently blast flat as well as more complex parts in a pass-through process. Typical parts suitable for the LBS range include small fabricated parts, flat cast parts like gear wheel flanges and more complex pieces like gearbox housings. To achieve complete coverage and excellent blast results, blast wheels are arranged in optimal position, inclined to face the belt direction.

Both the four-wheel and the eight-wheel version of the new type come with highly efficient 11kW TITAN blast wheels and feature ergonomic belt heights (i.e., loading heights) of 1000 (four wheels) and 1100mm (eight wheels). They can accommodate workpieces of up to 1000mm width and 500mm height, with a standard belt load of 80kg/m and an optional extended belt load of 200kg/m. 

What this means for you

  • Continuous and highly efficient blast process
  • High process reliability
  • More flexibility
  • Ergonomic loading height
  • Easy integration into existing production lines

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LBS Mesh Belt Shot Blast Machines

Light and flexible LBS mesh belt shot blast machine for light to medium applications.

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12 - 18 tygodni


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Wheelabrator mesh belt shot blast machines efficiently blast both flat or very complex parts in a pass-through process.

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