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Our free vibratory mass finishing process review will deliver guaranteed improvements to your finishing process.

Vibratory Mass Finishing Process Review

Our process reviews take place at our state-of-the-art lab in Birmingham, UK, using the latest vibratory mass finishing machines, run by experts with decades of experience in finishing. Our consumables and media are purpose-designed from scratch and perfected in testing; enabling us to match or improve the quality of any finish, just faster or cheaper- or both. 
Having conducted over 200 successful reviews across over 30 industrial sectors, including Medical, Aerospace and 3D Printing, we can guarantee to optimise your processes, and deliver the vibratory finish you need.

The results can be available in as little as 5 days and getting started is fast and easy.

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                               Which one of these areas is most important to you?

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Improve Productivity 

  • Reduce cycle times
  • Increase the number of parts you process in the same time  

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Improve Quality

  • Improve and stabilise your component finish
  • Improve surface finish
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Improve Resource Control

  • Less labour
  • Less energy and/or less cost

The one that will bring the greatest benefit to your finishing process is the one that we will focus on.
We guarantee that we will bring improvements in at least one of the areas above - perhaps even all three!


Find out how others in your industry overcame their process challenges to evolve their finish

Improvements in finishing process time of 35% for an Aerospace manufacturer

Goal: A leading Aluminium Manufacturer for the Aerospace industry gave us the task of improving their productivity & reducing their finishing costs.

Result: A 35% reduction in their finishing process cycle time, and an 18% cost reduction, achieved through switching to a new grade, size and shape of finishing media.

For many years the company had been reliant on the same deburring and finishing process, however, technology continues to advance, and our free process review offered the opportunity to refresh their processes and explore where the latest developments could allow improvements to be made.
The review concluded that a switch to a new grade, size and shape of finishing media would deliver the improvements to productivity and cost that the company desired. This was confirmed when, subsequent to the switch, the company experienced a 35% reduction in process time, and cost reductions of 18% as a result of the newly selected media being cheaper to purchase.

23% cost reduction for a Tube & Hose fittings manufacturer

Goal: A manufacturer of Tube & Hose fittings requested a free process review to explore if there was an alternative plastic media they could use, that would provide a consistent finish with no compromise to the quality.

Result: 23% cost reduction coupled with improvements to productivity, after the new plastic finishing media we supplied allows the finishing equipment to be operated for a further 64 hours before a media change is required.

Maintaining the quality of surface finish was vital for this company, however the review pinpointed an alternate plastic media that was 23% lower cost to purchase and was durable enough for the equipment to operate for a further 64 hours before the media required changing. This was a strategic improvement for both productivity and resource control, and, as assured at the beginning of the review, there was no compromise to the final component finish.

16% reduction in purchasing costs for a manufacturer of high pressure die cast parts

Goal: The manufacturer was looking to reduce the costs incurred in their existing finishing process.

Result: The new finishing media we supplied was 16% cheaper to supply, and the scrap rate was reduced to almost 0% which had great implications for resource control and operational excellence. These improvements were delivered due to a combination of the new finishing media and a slight modification to the product geometry.
This company had high demand for guaranteeing paint adhesion, and they requested a free process review to see if it was possible to reduce their current finishing cost. Following trials with alternative finishing medias, some of which had a higher abrasion rate to achieve the required surface finish, it was decided that a slight change in product geometry would allow better surface contact with the product to provide a good surface prior to painting. The new finishing media supplied also reduced the cost to purchase by 16% and the scrap rate is now almost 0 - improving the overall stability of the process.

Unlock your process improvements 

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