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Beneath the Surface is dedicated to sharing views and ideas from, for, and around industries using surface preparation equipment.

Wheelabrator experts from around the world are contributing to the blog (in English), and talking about everything from trends in automotive to the latest innovations in blast technology.

Wheelabrator machines and services can be found in a broad range of industries, from aerospace and automotive through to foundry and steel, providing the team at Wheelabrator with unique insights into process, material, investment and technology trends across sectors.

Vanessa Ashworth, VP Marketing explains: “At Wheelabrator, our people have a wealth of knowledge that needs to be shared internally and externally. The website captures some of that, but not in depth, and it doesn’t give the opportunity for the audience to get involved.

“In the business, we’ve had great success in bringing together teams of people from different locations and different departments into one room to collaborate and to look at opportunities and challenges from different angles; to discuss, develop and build new products, business strategies and systems. So let’s do something similar here. Let’s open this up, and let’s get the discussion going.”

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