The perfect recipe: Growing Vibro team sets sights on perfecting customer processes at a lower cost

As Wheelabrator Vibro builds on its successful 2017 launch, its newly expanded team is helping fulfil the brand’s promise to improve finishing processes at a lower cost for a growing customer base.

Since early 2017, Wheelabrator Vibro has welcomed five new staff members as the business continues to grow its reputation for expert, evidence-based vibratory mass finishing. 

The new employees have joined the Centre for Product Innovation with five individuals based in the UK with more people dedicated to vibro mass finishing in the Czech Republic and Germany. The recruits are already bolstering the company’s offering across product development, sales, deployment, service and support.

Adding technical strength and breadth, the expanded team will enhance the delivery and effectiveness of the free process trials which demonstrate the advantages of its independent range of vibratory finishing consumables and equipment. 

The same strong 2017 launch leadership team remains in place, comprising Clifford Parr as President, Technical Director Colin Spellacy and Head of Business Development Tony Clarys.

“We now have a powerful blend of experience, expertise and enthusiasm,” says Colin Spellacy, whose own 30 years of finishing industry experience provides Wheelabrator Vibro with a solid technical foundation. “Our expanded team will provide invaluable support as customer demand increases and our company expands further across Europe and globally in 2019.”

Engineering expertise drives process enhancement

Newly-arrived Consumables Product Manager Gary Walsh is a qualified chemist whose career in the chemical industry makes him the perfect person to further develop and extend the vibratory consumables range. 

Gary will work with the technical team at the  demo and test centre in Birmingham where customers can evaluate Wheelabrator Vibro’s full range of equipment, media and compounds. They can also collaborate in improving their own mass finishing processes, whether it’s finding significant savings through replacing a wet process with a dry one or fine-tuning vibratory media selection.

“We’ve currently got our standard consumables range which easily covers around 80% of the market,” says Spellacy. “As we work with more new companies, we’re seeing fresh process challenges and testing products that may not have been through a vibro process before. That demands real innovation in how we tailor our vibro technology, compounds and media to help clients achieve their objectives.”

Ensuring delivery matches expectations

As Works and Engineering Manager, Karl Brown’s role is to manage the implementation journey for client projects. He ensures equipment is installed and commissioned correctly, adjusting the products and processes so everything works as intended, then overseeing subsequent support and servicing.

Karl also carries out health checks on clients’ equipment, whether from Wheelabrator or a third party. He highlights any problems, giving advice to help improve performance and channelling feedback on client needs into Wheelabrator Vibro’s ongoing equipment and media development.

Strength in depth for a full service offering

After three years with Wheelabrator, Neil Harrison was promoted to UK Sales Manager for Vibro. Moving from the technical side of air blast, Neil has an engineering background with experience in the aerospace and chemical sectors.

By contrast, Paul Anderson recently swapped his salesman’s shirt and tie for overalls as he undertakes his technical training programme as a Process Development Technician. 

Providing additional resource to further the synergies between technical and customer service teams, Andrew Parkes has been recruited to fulfil the role of Internal Sales Office Manager and is joined by Internal Sales Executive Marcia Murray.

“Bringing customer experience together with technical awareness gives our people broader knowledge which translates into better support and service for customers,” says Colin Spellacy. “As we develop the business, we’ll be expanding our training programme for all staff.”

Proving and improving vibratory finishing processes

With the extra experience and engineering expertise, the Wheelabrator Vibro team is now perfectly positioned to deliver the brand’s key proposition: evidence-based laboratory testing followed by rigorous application of the results to deliver on our promise of saving customers money. 

“Most processes run unchanged for years,” concludes Spellacy. “We’re asking anyone that’s using mass finishing at the moment to trial us to help improve their process effectiveness, whether it’s through the mechanical performance of their equipment or by applying our abrasives and compounds.” 

“The strength of our expanded team means we’re confident we can now guarantee to give customers the lowest cost of parts finishing compared to any other supplier. Put the team to the test and give us a call!”