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"While your current media and compound mix may provide an acceptable finish, our Process Review will not only deliver extremely valuable insight, it will enable us to create and validate a complete new recipe for you - designed and optimised for your specific application and your needs - a truly made-to-measure process."

Colin Spellacy, Technical Director at Wheelabrator Vibro.

Productivity, Quality, Resource control- Three for the price of...None! We guarantee to deliver improvements to your finishing process. 

Without the correct media, process and equipment, the best surface finish will not be achieved. Our customers; others in your industry- or similar industries, have seen as much as 60% improvement to their cycle times by partnering with us for a process review, we guarantee to deliver improvements to your mass finishing process by increasing productivity, improving quality and improving resource control.

Other benefits to re-visiting your mass finishing process with us include:

  • Increased productivity and quality of surface finish
  • Achieved tangible/achievable objectives
  • Reduced process times
  • Improved surface finish
  • Reduced waste water treatment costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved costs, media per kg vs running costs
  • Reduced media consumption

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Innovations in vibratory mass finishing: the importance of regularly reviewing your vibro process

Regularly reviewing your finishing process allows you to take advantage of potentially lowering the cost of consumables, and to learn about the latest technological advancements that are ongoing in the field and could be utilized to refresh your processes and deliver that edge needed to lower costs and improve the overall finish. 

Did you know in recent years significant strides have been made in the area of dry finishing media. For some applications this has replaced the conventional wet process, allowing significant savings as liquid compound and water are not required, this allows savings to be made on a reduction in transport, disposal and packaging costs. 

Industries we are currently working with

Our growing team of experts at Wheelabrator Vibro are involved in vibratory mass finishing in almost every sector and for innumerable types of applications, from a single prototype to thousands of mass-produced components. Automotive, medical, general and precision engineering, you name it, in fact, it’s harder to think of a sector where our products aren’t used. Currently 3D printing or, more correctly, Additive Manufacturing is where we’re seeing the most growth.


Read all about the increased use of vibro mass finishing in 3D printing

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How much will the vibratory mass finishing process review cost?

This process is free. There are no hidden costs and you will not be obliged to commit to us, this is an opportunity for you to revisit and quickly benchmark your vibratory mass finishing process and make sure that is delivering the best possible results for your business.


Will I need to stop production?

Absolutely not, we will run the process using our facilities and our equipment and we handle everything; from pick up of components to delivery of the final evaluation report. Therefore there is no need for your normal working processes to stop or slow down.


How long will the vibratory mass finishing process review take?

You can have the results back in as little as 5 days, the process is fast and simple with guaranteed improvements at your fingertips.


What improvements can I expect to see to my vibratory mass finishing process following this review?

We guarantee improvements in productivity, quality and resource control, depending on which you see as holding the greatest benefit for your business, we will focus on that to deliver meaningful improvements to your business and mass finishing process. We understand the quality of the finish is paramount and it will not be compromised. 

How do I arrange a vibratory mass finishing process review for my business?

To join others in your industry and arrange your free process review, please contact- 

T: +44 (0)121 326 6481

Alternatively, fill in our quick enquiry form below and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

Please also contact us to talk through your finishing process, arrange a visit to our test centre in Birmingham (UK), or if you simply have more questions.

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