Rotating Barrel Machines

The Rotating Barrel Machine's essential component is the blast basin or the barrel for handling the workpiece. This type of machine is best suited to processing small batch type parts, where blasting the single workpieces would be time consuming and expensive.

Typical workpieces are:

  • Small valve springs
  • Screws and nails
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Chain links

The assumption for processing workpieces in a Rotating Barrel Machine is that the parts are batch processed and therefore potential minor damage is acceptable. Fragile workpieces which are not suitable for this type of process can be treated using separators.
Depending on the workpiece and batch size, rotary barrels from 8l up to 60l can be used. If bigger volumes are necessary Tumblast machines are used. The perforations in the barrel or the Tumblast machine must be adapted to suit the workpiece size. On request, the barrels can be provided with an internal rubber lining.

To accelerate the blasting process, several nozzles can be integrated in combination with a moving nozzle device.

The barrel loading/unloading can be aided by mounting the barrel on the swing doors. Drainage flaps or swinging devices help with emptying the barrel.
For removal of residual abrasive from the workpieces, a vibrating gutter can be installed at the front of the machine.

The machines can be equipped with suction fed, pressure fed or wet blasting technology.