EZX blast wheel

Expanded Blade Life, Increased Uptime

Increase productivity, save costs and solve complex production challenges with the EZX Blast Wheel

EZX is specially built for heavy-duty applications and has been designed using the latest advances in blast wheel technology to help foundries boost production while saving time and costs.  

Foundries depend on optimal equipment performance and production efficiencies to be successful. Excessive time lost in maintenance can create costly production challenges. That is why we have launched EZX Blast Wheel specially built for heavy-duty applications to help foundries boost production while saving time and costs.  

Designed using the latest advances in blast wheel technology, EZX expands upon the quality performance our customers have come to expect from the pioneering EZEFIT® wheel with a series of next generation enhancements.  

The new EZX is developed with improved metallurgy and stronger geometry to allow for longer lasting blades resulting in less required maintenance and lower overall operating costs.  The TargetLok™ feature eliminates the need for additional parts or tools to install blades. The result is better alignment between blades with quick and easy installation forming a lock tight fit. EZX provides better control of abrasives creating tolerances for optimized wear life.


  • Thicker, redesigned blades for easy, time-saving assembly and longer wear life 
  • New impeller reduces abrasive consumption without compromising performance 
  • Re-engineered, double-sided bare wheel reduces time lost in maintenance 
  • Precision machining of hub seal ensures proper alignment, longer motor life, and reduced wear


EZX can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • Tumblast Equipment
  • Table Machines
  • Hanger-Type Machines 
  • Horizontal Belt Machines
  • Plate Machines

EZX Blast Wheel

The pioneering EZX model is engineered to help foundries ramp up production while saving time and costs.

Optimize your existing equipment for extra wear life, extra time saved and extra profitability with the Wheelabrator EZX Blast Wheel

To learn more about replacing your existing blast wheel with the new and efficient EZX, contact 800-544-4144 or email info@wheelabratorgroup.com.

The new EZX blast wheel is available in EZEFIT® sizes to enable direct replacement.