EZEFIT Blast Wheel

The Shotblast Wheel for Clean Applications

Reduce your operating costs, minimize machine down time and improve manufacturing efficiency by choosing EZEFIT wheel technology.

Designed for ease of maintenance and high performance operation under the toughest conditions, the EZEFIT wheel has been installed on thousands of Wheelabrator and non-Wheelabrator machines throughout North and South America since its launch in 2003. The EZEFIT wheel is available in a wide range of sizes and horse power to meet your specific application and production process requirements.


Wheelabrator Plus Application engineers can evaluate your existing blast process including part configuration and media usage to optimize your cleaning and productivity. Regardless the type of wheel blast equipment being used, the EZEFIT mounting arrangement allows for adaptability on other manufacturers wheel blast equipment.

Examples of applications in which the EZEFIT wheel has been used include:

  • Tumblast Equipment
  • Table Equipment
  • Spinner Hangers
  • Monorails
  • Rail Car Cleaners
  • Plate Machines
  • Wire Mesh Belts

Improve your Blast Performance

EZEFIT shot blast wheels will increase your efficiency by improving the blast pattern, cutting down media consumption, reducing energy consumption and minimizing downtime. In turn, this will improve your product quality and quality consistency, reduce production bottlenecks, increase on-time deliveries and improve customer satisfaction

The EZEFIT wheel has many benefits and features, including:

  • Cycle time reduction
  • Longer blade life
  • Improved control of abrasive flow and velocity
  • Vibration reduction up to 50%
  • Elimination of the tapered bushing
  • Ability to flow abrasive up to s-780 in size
  • Wheel assembly timed reduced up to 50%
  • Integrated TargetLok® ensures blast pattern repeatability
  • 35BD200 is a direct replacement of BD and RLM 195 with improved flow and coverage
  • Enhanced operating and maintenance features include cast or fabricated housings, universal mounting hardware for all equipment, pivot wheel adjustment and Target-Trak® blast stream positioning. 

Reduce noise and wear

Increased space between the blast wheel and the wear plate results in lower wear and a reduction in the noise level emanating from the housing, which in turn result in happier and healthier production and maintenance employees.

Reduce maintenance time and cost

EZEFIT blast wheels include many features to enable quick and easy maintenance:

  • Fail-safe alignment (no adjustment of alignment tools required)
  • All critical surfaces machine for concentricity and sealing requirements
  • Upgrade wheel without replacing motor
  • Bearing unit bolts on same mounting adapter as direct drive motor allowing for easy conversion